Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Stress + happiness

Hey! Just wanted to check in. I took this photo 2 weeks ago during Spring Break. I went with my friend Abbie to Berlin, Athens, and Mykonos. It was SO fun! Mykonos was so beautiful, but it was also so cold and the island was pretty dead. We wanted to spend more time on the beach, so it was a bummer it was cold! One day were were kind of bored because of how dead it was, so I got a tattoo! How cool of a story is that?

Right now I'm kind of stressed because of school but also because in a month from tomorrow I'll be heading back to the states. I think I shed a tear while typing that... I'm just going to get done everything I need to do and enjoy every second of being here. Which I already am, but it's s cool because I've never felt such a balance of stress and happiness at the same time. I think to myself, yeah I'm berried in homework, but I'm also living in Rome... so...