Tuesday, May 31, 2011


i was checking out my flickr and i saw one of my pictures (the one above) was viewed 19 times and was favorited once!!! that's really exciting!! that's the only picture on my whole flickr that was looked at more than once! not even twice, but 19 times!! ahh so exciting... i just had to share that :)

also, once of my favorite movies is Pocahontas! i think if it was turned into a modern day, reality movie, it would be perfect! it's so cute, and it would be a really good romance movie if it was modernized. but i do like it like this!

remember when they had Disney movies on every night at 8?! i loved that! my friends and i would ask what Disney movie was on every night! so yesterday i was watching Hannah Montana: The Movie (i'm not going to lie. it's a good movie.) on Disney Channel and they said it was Mega Monday or something... so i'm wondering if they show a movie every Monday? that would be awesome. but hey, i have no life. haha i'm not saying they woould show like Pocahontas or something, but like Read it and Weep, or HSM or something. uhhh yeah.

my sunburn is doing ok. but it hurts to move. darn sun.

have a good rest of the week! HEY, it's almost Wednesday! cool!

Monday, May 30, 2011

i hate sunburn.

the pool all day
+ the sun


owowowowowwwww i'm in so much freaking pain right now. i hate sunburnnnnnnn.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

saturday = FUN

yesterday was Jennette's graduation! it was SUCH a fun day!

here's the graduate herself! ^
she MADE this cake! so pretty!!!

there's us :D

but i have to admit, half the fun was the roadtrip there! haha that was awesome :) but seriously, yesterday was an amazing day! the pool opened too! i'm headed there in about 10 minutes

hope your weekend is going as well as mine!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

summer list

so like i said i would do, i'm making a list of things to do during summer. these things are just new things, and things i want to do. there is nothing that has to be done or anything, it's just a list of things i would like to be able to say i did at the end of summer. oh and some of these ideas i actually stole from April, Maybe :) what can i say?! they are good ideas! so let's get rolling:

1. watch all the Harry Potter Movies. i've never really gotten into the Harry Potter series, and all my cousin tells me is to get into it! i'm def. not reading the books. i don't like reading, and i'm not forcing myself to go through that much pain (haha!) but seriously, i'm only going as far as the movie. my friend abby will like this post :)

2. do more crafts! this school year i took drawing (as you probably know), so this summer i will draw more. plus, i got a box awhile ago and you can decorate it and stuff. i have a lot of random craft junk in my basement that i can play around with. one summer i was bored, so i made a pillow!

3. learn oragami. going back to #2, i always thought oragami was awesome, and it wasn't impossible, because many people did it and still do it, so why not give it a try?! i actually already looked up a video and tried it, and it wasn't bad! so maybe let's say... learn oragami without a tutorial! oh, and this is what mine looks like: (check!)

4. exercise more! actually, my friend abby and i have been exercising everyday after school (well for the past 2 days... umm...) but i thing we are doing pretty good! but i read this thing in Seventeen Magazine and a girl said she lost a bunch of weight just by watching her food and she would also look up zumba or yoga videos on Youtube everyday! it think that's pretty cool. so that's what i shall do. i also love doing Wii Fit!

5. try being a vegitarian for at least a week or so. (this is one i stole from April. hehe) it's a good idea! i think it would be a good change to make and even though it clearly won't last, i will give it a try. who knows, it could be really awesome!

6. read Nicholas Sparks books. like i said, i'm not a reader, but if i could read anything for the rest of my life, it would be his books by far! i LOVE them!

7. get more into chinease. in early August, my friend alexandra is moving to China for 2 years :( but i think it would be a really good chance to learn some chinease symbols and stuff. it's also and interesting language! hey, why not. (check!)

8. make macaroons! it needs to be done.

aaaand that's all i have. but! i hope to come up with at least a few more, because seriously, this summer is going to be very suckish. (as i have said before.)

oh and i tried to somehow get John Mayer concert tickets because i would go crazy to see him in concert... and this is my result. bum-mer. SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE. (mostly aiming at Hersey though because it's close)

and these are a birds nest i found in one of our ferns! (don't worry! i didn't touch them.) so cute!

have an awesome weekend! i know i am going to! 3 day weekend, Jennette's graduation (which also means an awesome road trip with abby and i), and the pool opens. sounds like a good 3 days to me!

p.s. prayers to tornado victims! what's up with all of these tornados?!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

9 and a half days


gah only 9 and a half days of school left! i can't wait for summer. even though my summer will probably suck. i'm making a list of things to do during summer though! it's not really a list that i HAVE to do haha but just a list of things i want to accomplish this summer. i think it's a pretty good list! i'll put that up when i'm done with it. i wrote it all down so i don't forget, so if one pops into my mind, i'll jot it down.

i didn't even realize the week is almost over! this week went fast! i'm not complaining, though haha!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday quote


"Sometimes the simplest gesture seems like the biggest showing of kidness possible." -Erica Lynn Dagger

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mother Monster

lady gaga is one of my favorite singers. i have seen interviews by her and she is so real and not afraid of what people think of her.
you can tell she doesn't care by all of her unique outfits. haha

including this one :) she wanted to incubate before coming out onto stage.

but she really is an inspiration! she says she never lip sinks on stage and the one thing she hates about other artists is when they lie, so she tells complete truth in what she does. i would def. LOVE to go to one of her concerts.

i also love to watch her music videos. they are so interesting! haha they are like little shows, not songs. like: Alejandro, Bad Romance, Poker Face, and Paparazzi. one of my favorite by her is Paper Gangsta haha i also love her new song Judas. ok i guess i'll stop now :P (HEY i just noticed that she has a really awesome music video for Judas too!)

which reminds me; i was looking and john mayer is coming to Hershey and i wanted to go so badly!! but ALL of his shows are soldf out. aw shoot. i would also love to see him in concert.

Monday, May 23, 2011


i love exploring flickr! i wish i was better at finding pictures i could save as and put on here though. (i obviously don't know how to work that kind of stuff. i barely know how to get blogger and tumblr to work. but i can, and i will!) ok well you can click on the picture to see where it came from and have a great monday! it better not rain all week. again.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

un prom

*** i had a really great weekend! jennette came and we did a bunch of fun stuff. since jennette might not go to her prom, we had a fake prom for her on friday! which is what's in the picture above. that was really fun because i have never been to a prom either haha so it was cool to wear the dress :)

we were also planning to make macarons, because i found a really post about how to make them from this fantasic blog, but we didn't get to :( and we went to salvo! i got a really cute dress! haha

and i'm really excited because this upcoming weekend, we are going to jennette's graduation! that will be really fun :)

hope you all had a great weekend! right now i am enjoying a lazy Sunday while watching The Princess Diaries. one of my very favorites!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

you're beautiful!

so you know what's annoying? something that has been annoying for awhile is when people say things about themselves that aren't true. or saying something about them that they want to change. everyone is beautiful in their own way, and they shouldn't put themselves down for stupid reasons.

the pictures above are my friends emmy and alexandra (and i) and last May we went to Panera and then we went to Ross and wanted to get bikinis for fun, so we did! then we got home, put them on and ran around in the sprinkler. it was sooo fun and we all learned that bikinis are awesome. now i wear them all the time (as i said in another post). at first emmys mom said she couldn't wear them, but now her mom said she could wear them if she feels comfortable. she wore it to her school trip to Williamsburg, which is awesome! and i think she slowly is thinking about wearing it, but she also talks about her "flabby body" and "fat stomach" UGH in the first bathing suit picture, emmy is the one on the right in the shorts... she calls THAT fat?! what. the. heck.

another thing is when people complain about their hair. i have to admit, i would like to have curly hair, but my hair has a nice wave to it, so i don't mind. but emmy is getting a perm which she clearly doesn't need. if you look at the picture above she is on the right. do you think she needs a perm?? no. same with abby below. she wants curly or wavy hair. look at her hair! that's her natural hair! people would pay to have hair like that. it's so straight! she says "it just sits their like barf on my head." ummm what. the. heckkk.

finally, abby and emmy both complain about their "acne". do you see any acne on their face?? they say they need cover up and when i say i'm not wearing any cover up they are like "what??" and i'm like YOU DON'T NEED IT EITHER.

oh my gosh seriously... these 2 girls are gorgous and don't need to worry about their weight, hair, or "acne".

that's why i say "you're beautiful all the time". once in 7th grade all the girls went to this thing and you had to turn to the person next to you and say "you're beautiful" then turn to the person behind you and say "you're beautiful" then say to yourself "i'm beautiful". i thought it was stupid at first, but now i realize their point. more girls in this world need to know that they are beautiful. nobody needs to be spray tanned or go to a tanning bed or put themselves down because of their abilities.

that's another quick thing: emmy tells my friend alexandra that she's so jealous of her singing (because alexandra is an awesome singer; she's singing this song in the talent show! i picked it out for her :) i think it fits her SO WELL) and wishes she could sing like that and has no singing skills and stuff, but emmy is incredible at sports!! she plays like 20 million sports and people are jealous of that. ughuguh

to all the girls out there YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, and you need to say that to yourself.
the first picture is actually what i have hanging on my mirror. however creepy that is, YOU SHOULD DO IT TOO.

p.s. there is a thunder storm right now and i'm trying to enjoy it because it's cool, but thunder gives me the creeps, so we'll see how it goes. haha!

p.p.s. THANK YOU for the people that actually follow me and comment on my stuff!! not even kidding, i do a little happy dance when someone follows me or comments on my stuff. so thank you :)

p.p.p.s. sorry for the long post! i went a little crazy there, but if you read it, i thank you :)

p.p.p.p.s. tomorrow's friday! listen to this song and have a fabulous rest of the week!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

a weird week indeed.


i think this looks SO awesome. the picture AND the idea are so cool! if i could bring a floating slide to the ocean, you might not be able to get me out. i found it here, on tumblr, and i'm really surprsied nobody else has reblogged it. am i the only one that finds it awesome? haha!

today has been a basic mess. it got better as it went along, but it started out with waking up late, to spilling my cofee on myself on the bus (while wearing a white shirt), to having someone in my first period class pass out. it's been a weird week, even though it's only tuesday. i bunch of other weird stuff has happend in the past 2 days. hmmm odd. anyone else having a weird week?

last but not least, the sun needs to come out, the wind needs to go away, and it needs to be May already.

Monday, May 16, 2011


gahhh i REALLY want the Katy Perry nail polish!!! i'm def. going to get it as soon as possible. (even though i say that everyday):

ohhhh kay. i'm hair hair cut freak and get my hair cut all. the. time. here is the hair cut i got just a month and 5 days ago. this time, however, i really want to do something with my bangs! i just have no idea how i would look with them. at all. so i'm kind of scared to try. sooo maybe i'll wait til summer so nobody will see me haha... we'll see. i don't know why i crave hair cuts, but it happens too often.

so here's a few i looked at! (just looked them up on google, so it's not that creepy.) oh! but the first one is Zooey Deschanel!
what do you think?? because it's probably what i'm thinking too. this one? similar, but not quite. i know it will take some styling to look like this, and that's what they are going to tell me when i ask for it, but i like it.

not quite like the others, but still bangs. maybe? maybe i'll start with this and work my way up to full forehead bangs. humph.

maybe i'll just do this: JUST KIDDING. that is not happening whatsoever.

ALSO-i lovelovelove this blog! look at her outfitssss. i just wish her and i could swap closets. it's called Happy, Honey, and Lark. and you should now look at it everyday, because it rocks.

aaand listen to this song. listen to it forever. and watch the video to it! you've def. heard it before, but i love listening to it and watching it. is it just me, or does everyone want to marry John Mayer?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

dresses and flowers


here is that one dress i got from slavo! it's my favorite out of the 3 i got by far. and i'm just palnting some pretty spring flowers. i would have taken that dress off, but i like it too much.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

venting / a story

so. the thing about blogging is nice. even though this post will mean nothing to most of the people reading, i like to vent to the internet. like write it out and whether someone reads it or not, doesn't matter. it's like writing an email, and not sending it; just having it be said.
so i will now start. -- i'm super excited for summer. i think i say that everyday, even if it is summer. well it is true. i honestly don't know why though, because my friend abby is going to work at a camp for 1 and a half months, my friend jennette is pretty busy and won't be visiting often, my friend emmy probably has sports all the time, and worst of all, my friend alexandra is moving to china at the end of summer. doesn't that sound like the best summer ever? no-i'm bummed. i think the only reasons i'm excited for summer are the following: no school, relaxation, the beach, and manhunt.

manhunt: good game. even better this past summer because of a neighborhood "friend". eh-em. ok then. i doubt we will play it as much though

ooo and tonight is prom, and people are slowly putting pictures up of their prom and i love looking at them. i love seeing everyones dress!

i had so much in my head to say, but i feel like i haven't said anything haha getting bored of this yet? it's cool. i just needed to get this stuff out there somehow.

oh! i'm also excited for jennette's graduation! not only because it's her graduation-duh. but i think it's also because i haven't been to Frederick yet! she ALWAYS comes here (she's actually coming here next weekend haha) and i have wanted to come down there. it's also a chance to "dress up" not crazy fancy, but i got a dress that i don't think i would wear to school, because i think it's more of a party dress. i think it would be perfect for that occation. you can actually take a look at it here! it's the first one shown. also, my friend abby is driving down, so i think it would be a fun "roadtrip" type thing. am i lame? probably. i never go anywhere, what can i say?!

well i'm watching 500 days of summer right now. it's probably going to be a night of tumbling, my life is averag-ing, letters to crushes-ing, and dear blank please blank-ing. because that's what i do on nights i can't sleep. it works :)

500 days of summer: LOVE this movie! it's good because it's not really a love story, and the end isn't what all movies end with. i would have watched the last song or something, but since nicholas sparks always makes the perfect boyfriend i'm not gonna watch that haha it is a really cute movie though. zooey deschanel is so pretty and such a good actress!

welllll this was long, so anyone that actaully read this, i commend you. i just needed to put this stuff out there and most of it was probably pretty stupid and i kinda don't wanna hit the "publish post" button right now, because this post is super long and pretty weird. so i'll shut up now.

p.s. this is my 100th post!

have an awesome rest of your weekend :D

balloon letters


i think it would be so cool to do this! put a letter on the end of a balloon and let the balloon go. i think it's really awesome and i'm def. going to try it at some point

~and you can click on the picture to see where i got it from!~

summer is the favorite season! why wouldn't it be?! ahh i can't wait for those summer days of relaxation :D

Friday, May 13, 2011

oh beach


i'm realllllly craving the beach right now. 4 more months. it's all good... maybe.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

summer: thinking ahead


this is a picture from last summer of my friends and i underwater! we always go and get a disposable underwater camera and take pics. it's so awesome. i'll put more up later!

but while on the subject of summer... (i feel like i'm going to sound really stupid saying this) but last summer i wore bikinis and i liked it! i didn't think i would, but i did. and my stomache got tan! haha i like how they some in all kinds and i'm kind of looking forward to getting more. i have my eye on a few. this and this. cute right?! i really like the first one. the second once, maybe. i'm really not afraid to wear a bikini. i don't care if i'm not stick thin. I'M BEAUTIFUL. and i want to wear a bikini. hehe so yeah. my goal this summer: wear bikinis more often and get new, pretty ones. that's not bad, right? i wouldn't have posted about it if i didn't care at all. hmm yeah

~3 more days left of the seasons poll!~

have a fantastic rest of the week! :D

Monday, May 09, 2011

big lights will inspire you


ahh i love this picture from here! it's so cool. and it def. makes me want to take a trip to the big apple.

Sunday, May 08, 2011


sooo, TODAY I DROVE! ahhh! it was so exciting!!! it was in an empty parking lot and all that, but it was so awesome! i can't even describe how awesome i felt driving!

i don't know why, but i have really loved cars and being "able to drive" for awhile. i remember when i was little i had this little "car" that you pushed with your feet and it had a steering wheel. it was like smaller than anything, but i loved it and could play with it for hours. (that was when i was like 4) and then i would also go out to our van and sit in it and pretend i was driving and sitting in traffic and stuff. (that was when i was like 6) and i would carry keys around and stuff like i could drive. haha

i don't know. it may be lame, but i suppose it's something i'm really into, because i just remember loving that sort of stuff.

well yeah, speaking of cars! here's the car i want haha it's a blue 2008 Volkswagen Jetta Sedan. i think like a ton of people have Jetta's, but it's okay, because i have had this bookmarked on my computer for awhile now. (once again, i like cars) i had another one picked out and i liked the color more, but it sold :( aaand this one is stick shift... bummer. i. am. not. driving stick. so it's pretty sad. it will probably sell anyway haha but i just like to look at it. ahhh next year i get that beloved license. <3