Thursday, June 30, 2011

this would happen to me.

warning: this is a rant

ok! so for about the past week i have been saying how awesome it would be if Hot Chelle Rae came to the York Fair. because they really aren't super famous and if you go on their website, they only have fairs and "small" things to perform at.
WELL GUESS WHAT. i just went onto the York Fair's website, and they ARE performing here. they are opening for Big Time Rush. i'm so freaking pissed right now i could attack. i NEED those tickets now. i'm the one (of many, probably :/) that thought it would be great if they came here!! i told my dad i would die if they came here. look at this!! :/
call me creepy, but last night i actually had a dream that i met Nash Overstreet!!! it was the best. dream. ever. i really really want to go to one of their concerts too. the York Fair really isn't that big, so it's not like you're sitting somewhere and you can't even see them. all i want to do is get pictures of them and stuff!! dude, i hate this. and it WOULD happen to me.

i just can't even believe this. i'm so pissed.

-my shot went well!! haha i'm a baby. i was so nervous, and it was over in like 2.5 seconds. i actually had to get 2 shots!! but it's all good.
-aaand hershey tomorrow! yay!

ok. well. i'm beyond mad. bye.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

a good week - for the most part

today was a lot of fun at lunch and the Seton House with my grandparents! it was tiring, but that's ok haha - i'm excited for the rest of the week though! :)

let's see:
-my cousin's graduation party
-grandparents come again on Sunday
-fourth of July stuff!

BUT omgomgomg tomorrow i have to get a shottttt! i'm so nervous it's crazy. i don't know why, but i just hate needles :( tomorrow is not going to be a good day. after that, i have to cut the grass and do all kinds of other small stuff. but then i guess i'll go to the pool. still not a good day though. i need a pep talk before 10 am tomorrow!!!

oh! and this picture ^ from my photostream on Flickr has 5 views! pretty exciting.

aaand i'm kind of obsessed with this song. my friends little brother showed it to me. go ahead. judge me. ;)

hope your week is going as well as mine! (not including tomorrow. thiiiis sucks.)

Monday, June 27, 2011

my week

ok so this week my dad has off work and we will be doing a bunch of stuff together, and with my sister.
moday (today): we went to Park City - a really big mall with fantastic stores. i really really want shoes like this. just not as high up and without the strap across the front. but yeah! that was fun; i got some really cute things!
tuesday: ummm undecided hehe we were going see a movie, but we're just going to wait til next week to see Zoo Keeper
wednesday: Seaton with the fam! it's this church we go to with my grandparents. it about an hour away and we get lunch too. it's pretty neat. here are some pictures from last year when we went: it's a pretty place!

thusday: i just found out i have to go to get a shot!!! ahhhh!!! i really hate shots with my life, so this is NOT going to be a good day whatsoever.
and friday: HERSHEY PARK! yay! we are meeting my cousin and her friend there too! that day will definetly make up for the shot.

p.s. Nash Overstreet accepted my friend request on Facebook! hehe. i LoVe HiM

hope you all have a good week ahead! :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

nash overstreet

so i'm kind of in love with Nash Overstreet, from Hot Chelle Rae. his brother, Chord Overstreet was in Glee, and i'm really really glad Nash isn't. because that would take the love away.

he is in a band and you must have heard this song because it's played too often. but i still love it! it's called Tonight Tonight and you can watch it here! (Nash is the cute on ;) he's actually on the screen right now! see?) ok then haha everyone will love him soon. i know it. and then i will be sad because i loved him first ;)

practice would be good

i REALLY need to go out and play before the season starts. when my friend, Helen, gets home from Texas we are going to go out everyday. we really don't want to suck when the season starts.
p.s. many professional tennis players have very difficult last names. weird.

Friday, June 24, 2011


i have seen so many mustaches, like this (by idlehandsdesigns, on etsy). now i'm kind of loving them. they are so cute and simple! here is another expample of a rug i found at Urban Outfitters, with a mustache!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

mid week links

i have been seeing a lot of things on the internet that i can't copy and paste or save to my  computer then post it on here and then i end up linking to it. so i think i will just do a link post! i hope your week is going well :)

i want these shoes so badly! they just look like a pair you could wear any day of the year

i cannot stop watching Charlie, on Youtube. it's almost like a tv show to me. i need help.. but he's sooo awesomeeee.

i'm missing my friend abby right now, because she is working at a camp, and it's not even half over yet! :/ i know tumblr is one of her favorite things, so that's why i saying this haha

check out my friend, Jennette's, blog! i know she looks at my blog everyday, and i love her for that. so make sure to look at hers! :)

i look at the blog Here Comes The Sun pretty much everyday, and once she posted the recipe for macaroons, and i have been meaning to make them forever and i still haven't gotten to! that should be on my summer bucket list!!

i'm still SO happy that this picture, on my flickr, has gotten 20 views and a favorite!!

i think macaroons are the most photogenic food...

...and i think the Eiffel Tower is the most photogenic site - here, here, and here are just a few examples

this Dear Blank Please Blank is a good one. haha!

and this one might be better. hehe i love this website

next week im going to forever21. YES. and i had my eye on a pair of shoes, and they got them back. yayayay

this dress=the one of many floral dresses i want

this girl always posts the best stuff!

thanks to my friend, Alessandra, i'm obsessed with this song

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Finding Neverland

Finding Neverland
if you haven't seen this movie - you must!

Monday, June 20, 2011

obsessed with

i haven't done this for awhile! here are some recent things i am obsessed with:

1. my new mint sorbet nail polish. (ignore the "flowers" i painted on my nails haha i didn't think they would look that bad)

2. my new shirt i got at Target. i got it in the mens section - it's like a t-shirt, but it 10x more comfortable and i think i've worn it everyday haha! in winter, i can't wait to get a nice, warm, mens, long sleeve, button up fleece. :)

3. chinese symbols!

4. Because of Winn Dixie. i forgot how good this movie was until i just watched it!

5. THIS rug at Urban Outfitters

6. this video! haha i seriously watch this everyday

7. i want to see this movie! it's called Crazy Stupid Love

8. THESE TOMS - aren't they so awesome?!
p.s. TOMS now sells sunglasses! (they are $130, so i'm not planning on getting them, but it's a fun fact! :)

9. Cake Wrecks. it's a really awesome book that has all of these funny mistakes that cake decorators do haha it's so funny. they also have a website, but the book it better, i think

i didn't get to 10... but that's it for now! anything you are obsessing over right now?
oh and i still have the name change problem! i think i will keep it to Love in a Nutshell, but i'm not sure. ahh well.
have a good week!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday quotes

 "The smallest good deed is better than the grandest intention." -Unknown
 "Love is the best thing in the world, and the thing that lives the longest." -Henry Van Dyke
 "Do what you can with what you've got wherever you are." -Theodore Roosevelt
 "Laughter is the music of life." -Sir William Osler
"Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echos are truly endless." -Mother Teresa
awesome pictures by CubaGallery, on Flickr :)

and happy father's day! i love you, dad :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011


OH SHOOT. i hate when i forget to post things. i found this in my drafts. :/ just pretend today is June 11th!! :)

so yesterday i was on here and i couldn't think of anything to blog, and then DUH-it's summer!!! yay!!! i seriously feel like a doofus for not posting that yesterday. i was waiting so long for it, and it's here! haha
so last night my friends and i had our annual campout, which is very fun! this picture isn't from last night, it's actaully from last summer! wow! but then last night around 3:30 am i saw lightning and i told everybody and we packed it up and went into Alexandra's basement. (good thing we did, because it did rain by the time we woke up this morning!) so yeah. the worst part of sleeping in the tent is waking up in the morning and being all hot and sweaty and gross. so at least we didn't have to go through that part! haha!
well enjoy your summer! i will most definetly enjoy mine. maybe i'll start it out with a nap later today :)

air and car show

woah, picture overload! haha today my dad, sister, and i went to an air show. it was way cooler than i expected, actually! it was cool to get up close to the planes and see what it's like to be in them. (we didn't get to sit in them and the plane rides were $100. and the helicopter rides were probably like $50. what the heckkk?) but it was neat to see them. they also had old cars. i kind of fell in love with this one:
and then there were the planes... this was a stunt plane! (you know, the ones that flip around and do tricks and stuff) that was cool to think about
this one is so weird! haha it would be so interesting to be flying and your head is actually sticking out! it's like you could touch the clouds. welll...
then there was the big mama. this one was HUGE. you can't really see how big it is in the picture. you could even go underneath and see where the bombs and stuff were. i didn't put those pics up. also, on the side there was a painting of a half naked lady. such a manly plane.
the runway!
my dad said this one looked like my grandpa's old airplane. (that is, in fact, my dad right there)
and that's about it. i can't believe i didn't get a picture of this one helicopter! it was probably the weirdest helicopter ever. haha the last time i was on an airplane was when i was 5. i realllllly want to go on one again. the last time i was on one was right before 9/11, so it's pretty crazy. but after going to this show, i'm pretty interested in planes. long story short, it was an awesome time! :)
p.s. NEW BLOG TITLE. yes or no? i just wanted something shorter and this is also my tumblr's title. jncaisnkc

Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer List - what's happenin


ok! so for my summer list so far i have:

-learned origami

-watched the first harry Potter movie

-gotten into chinese

and i'm so proud! yesterday i painted all of these chinese symbols for my friends and family, and it was so fun! haha now i can't stop painting them. it's really weird. and last night i watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone! now i'm really excited to get the next one haha and i learned origami awhile ago :) but yeah. this list was worth it and i think i put some cool things on there. i should put more though because i need more stuff to do :P

now the next thing to accomplish is findind something to make or get for Father's Day! (i think part of the gift might be associated with chinese symbols though :D)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Standing Ovation


last night i watched Standing Ovation on Netflix, and it was good! it wasn't what i expected. i'm going to say, at some points it was kinda random though. like at some parts i was just like, "what is this?!" haha but itwas good!

today is a rainy day and i think i'll clean out my closet and see what clothes fit me and don't. it's really weird because about 2 days this week it's been about 70 degrees! chilly! def. not summer weather. but it's all good. a good day to watch a movie and chillax :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

abby and tumblr


this is my friend abby and this morning she left to work at a camp until July 31. so this is the beginning of a boring summer. but i will make it fun using my summer bucket list and my other friends! but i do miss her SO MUCH and it's only been about 24 hours since i last saw her haha we are so lame. last night when we said good-bye, we actually cried a little bit. that shows how much we are together. it's going to be SO bad when she goes to college next year. oh my. well just hope that she's safe and doesn't meet someone better than me ;) hehe

also, check out my tumblr! i have been seeing some really good pics on there lately!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

shabby apple

i've seen a lot of giveaways for Shabby Apple, so i went to the website and they have so many cute things!! like these 3 dresses. the first one is by far my favorite! i LOVE it. why does this place have to be so expensive?!? bummer. i will one day get a dress from here though :)