Tuesday, July 31, 2012


around this time, since tennis starts tomorrow, i start getting excited about Fall. i'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing, because i also start thinking about school, and not fun Summer stuff like i should be :/ but that's ok, because i love Fall! there are so many more outfit choices and it's just a cozy season! so here's a Fall inspired post :)





now, aren't you excited too?! ;) i also just got the Birdy CD, which for some reason also makes me anxious for Fall. if you follow me on Twitter, you heard me say how Birdy makes me want to put on a sweater, light a candle, and write a letter. similar to how i feel in Fall! check her out!

The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

Sunday, July 29, 2012


from We Heart it

like i've said before, i love having things to look forward to! and tomorrow i have oodles of things to be excited about. wahoo! hope you all are as excited about your Monday as i am mine ;)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Friday, July 27, 2012

Paris fashion

i found this on We Heart It - so cute, right?!

we're planning a surprise for my friend, Abby, whose been at camp all Summer on Monday and i want to share it so badly! i actually typed the whole thing in and was like... wait, she might read this :/ i can't wait to let you in on it! have a great weekend :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wilmington, NC

now for the NC post! let me start by showing you the suitcase i made, because that's the one i took with me. (contact me if you want the link showing you how to make it!)

we stayed with my aunt, but we were always with my cousin Adam, his wife, and 2 kids. this is Maya! TOO CUTE.

and this is Rena!

my sister and Maya

Maya randomly did this face and wouldn't stop doing it. it was the cutest thing ever. she's a year old!

then we went downtown. (on a 105 degree day, might i add) they had the best shops! i got a pair of anchor earrings at this store: score!

Wilmington is the second most popular place to shoot movies. did i mention they were shooting Iron Man 3 WHILE WE WERE THERE?! we could have been extras if we got there earlier that day!! wahhnsidsini;a!

palm trees and a courthouse where they shot a movie once. fun fact for ya: when they shot that movie, they never turned the camera around because it was supposed to be taking place in Atlanta, and there is not water around Atlanta. cool, yes?

they had the cutest restaurants and.. tea rooms!

the best shops. ha!

more movie madness! boom!

alligators across the street from my cousin's house

my aunt's kitty.. she wasn't supposed to be in there, but we were bonding.

group shot! from the left: me, dad, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin Adam, Rena, Jasmine, and Maya. yay!

and let me say how fast the drive went, because i drove several hours ;)

so yes, very good time! and i'm SO glad i got to get to the beach this year! :)

p.s. i changed my web address!!! it's now a-la-modeblog(dot)blogspot(dot)com! i thought that would be easier to remember. let's hope!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

tea party!

hey! i'm back! NC it was pure magic. i had SO much fun! but i'll tell you about that soon. i'll start with the tea party on Friday! i didn't really get any classy pictures, but trust me - it was a classy event ;)

the boys wouldn't stop throwing things. they almost broke like 43983 things! oh my gosh, it was insane.

then Jennette stole my camera, and i had a bazillion pictures just like this:

then Antione stole my camera, and i had pictures like this:

but then we just hung around and watch things break when they were hit by a flying ball :/

then group pictures! yay! i wasn't going to leave until i got at least one. Antione is 2nd from the right, incase you wanted to know ;)

we had some unexpected guests, who weren't dressed up, so things didn't really go as we planned. we didn't have enough room and stuff.. but overall, it was fun. i love our tea parties! :)

p.s. the next few posts are pictures of my life that you may not care about. so just saying. haha ;)

p.p.s. i'm SO excited to catch up on all of my tv that i've missed! is that weird?

Friday, July 20, 2012

link love

i love these pictures from the Tumblr, Floral Rainboots!

this really made me laugh! hahaha especially because i'm a germaphobe.

check out this Flickr! he has been EVERYWHERE. and takes beautiful shots of all those places!

Tattoo Nation! good thing it comes out when i (hopefully) can drive, because i think i'm alone on this one.

take a digital break - i seriously need to do this during the school year. i can't even tell you how much more productive i would be!

ahh so cozy! i have knitted slippers that are similar, and i know they are heaven for my feet.

does anyone care to join me for this? love it!

check out my new 'funny' Tumblr! it has the same name as this one ;) and it's just what i need - something else to distract me from the real world.


i'm gone until Wednesday, so here's a link love post to keep you entertained until then ;) i'm going to NC and staying at the house of my aunt that i've never met before. fun! and right now it's 11:30 pm and i have to pack before 6 am. another 'woo'! but i had a super super fun week and there will be plenty of pics to come next week! :)

have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

inspiration de Demi

“The shoot was twelve hours in the desert, and it was both physically and mentally tough. Every time they said ‘cut’ on the set, I would break down and cry because this song is so personal.” - Demi Lovato

(i'm trying to get Antoine into Demi.. he can't miss out on this!)

French in PA

my friend, Emmy, has a French exchange student living at their house for a few weeks in Summer. his name is Antoine (sp?) and he's am-az-ing! Alexandra, Emmy, and i got to know him more tonight, and he taught us French! wah! my other friend, Jennette, is coming tomorrow (YAY) and so we're going to have a tea party with Antoine on Friday (because that's what we do when Jennette comes - don't judge ;) and i'm so excited! i love having things to look forward to! so this post is in honor of Antoine and his fantastic-ness :)

(Audrey, say no more ;)



all pictures from We Heart It

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

longer hair

my hair is getting so long! yay! i like when i straighten it, because it makes it seem extra long. i feel like when it's longer, you can do nothing with it and it'll look great. i can't wait!

Monday, July 16, 2012


do you ever watch a show or read a book and want to live where the characters live? that happens to me all the time. and then you look up the place and it's not real?! that also happens to me all the time.

like Stars Hollow in Gilmore Girls! it's such perfect, small place! this is probably my biggest one. i'm really sad this isn't real, because it's just so perfect.

then there's Genovia in The Princess Diaries. now, i didn't necessarily want to live here, but maybe visit! it sounded pretty and they had an anthem.. Genooooviaaaa, the land i call my home, geeeenoooooviaaaa, GEEENOOOOOOOVIAAAA. yeah, i know it's cool.

and then there's the place in According to Greta. (a movie which i highly recommend - i even did a post about it once!) buuut it turns out Ocean Grove, NJ is a real place. yay!! the houses are so cute! how could you not want to live there! i'm thinking retirement ;)

are there any fictional places you wish you could live?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

beach bummer

i'm not going to the beach this year and i'm going to miss it so much! the beach is one of the best things about Summer and i'm really bummed we aren't able to go.


body surfing





all pictures from theadults, on Tumblr

BUT, you never know! my friend and i were planning a road trip to the shore for a day, so that could still happen. and we're going to NC to visit my aunt and she's sort of kind of near one. so in the mean time, i'll probably be posting many more pictures of the beach as a substitute ;)