Tuesday, October 29, 2013

how CUTE is this little photo set?! it's perfect!
i'm not sure where it's originally from, but I found it on Tumblr!

Monday, October 28, 2013

another post about college

(the picture has nothing to do with college -- but isn't Miley perfect?)
I've posted so many times about college... but I just want to say how excited I am! I'm still in the application process and haven't been accepted anywhere yet, but I can still be excited, right?
I just can't wait to get away from York and HOPEFULLY head to Rhode Island. I really don't want to jinx it and end up not getting into RIU. I'm getting really worried though because, yes, there is that possibility of rejection. RIU is the only place I want to go right now and it was be heart braking if I didn't get in.
Anyway, I'm excited to not be around my family 24/7 and have a room that I can decorate without my mom freaking out about too many pictures on the walls. There's just constant yelling in my house and I'm so tired of it -- I want to get away from it and experience something new. I've said in the past how I've never gone away to camps or anything, and that makes me a little nervous because I'll probably get homesick. But honestly, I don't think I will. I've been in this house for so long, around the same people and same bickering and I just can't wait to get away from it all and start something new.
feel me?
there will be countless more posts like this, but I just can't believe that graduation is in 7 short months and in 10 short months I will (hopefully) be living in a state other than PA. (cross your fingers!)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Fancies -- Boo-tiful Halloween

happy Friday! woo, what a long week. I can't believe it's almost Halloween! like I said before, I love Halloween! we always go to my neighbor's house for her Halloween party and it's so fun! it's with a bunch of little kids and it's just really fun to dress up, take pictures, and play games. this year the kids are all bugging me because this will be my last Halloween party for a while because of college next year. they want me to pick something awesome to wear. it took me forever to find something decent, but I'm going to be a Frenchman! how cute right?! I'm going to draw on a little mustache and say oui oui a lot ;)
Untitled #64
J.Crew stripe shirt / True Religion slim jeans, $325 / Topshop leather flat / Jigsaw red scarve, $95 / ASOS slouchy hat / Forever 21 hair clip accessory

what are you going to be? tell me!
pop over and check out what {av} is planning for Halloween! she's the one who inspires these posts :)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

pretty hair

I'm so obsessed with the hair style on Miley. how does she pull this off?! it looks so simple, but it's clearly not!
I also LOVE this hair color! swoon!
what hair styles do you love lately?
both pictures from my Pinterest!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

do the monster mash

I LOVE Halloween so much. don't you?? I love watching Edward Scissorhands (which probably isn't even categorized as a Halloween movie) while I carve my pumpkin. I love coming up with costumes to wear to my neighbor's Halloween party -- this year I'm going to be a Frenchman!
hope you're all as excited for Halloween as I am! what are you going to be? what are you excited to see on 13 Nights of Halloween this year?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

saving for a rainy day

SO in love with this idea! I actually just applied for my first job the other day because I've been thinking, and the only way I'll get to visit Alexandra in China is if I get a job. time to save!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


The burn and the brew is a welcome retreat

Geomorphological mimicking: Ben Bulben in the Icelandic Fjords

Analogue mapping. The one true method
Four driven wheels is a necessity
High fives in the Fjords
Glacial paths fade to white
I love these pictures of Iceland by James Bowden! and you should check out his partner in crime's article about the trip on Project-O!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

thought of the day

yoυɴɢ. ѕιɴɢle αɴd ѕeхyˑ
I love just being alone or with good friends... I'm excited for college.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

you're not alone

this past Wednesday in school, we had a speaker come in and talk to us. we have one every Fall and Spring, but they're usually about drugs and alcohol, so they get pretty boring and repetitive. but this year, we had Manny Scott! he's an original Freedom Writer whose story is told in part in the movie Freedom Writers starring Hilary Swank. he's also appeared on The View and is well known as a great speaker around the world.
his main idea is that you're not alone. Mr. Scott did an activity with us where he had us stand up if we ever did what he would say. at first it was funny... "who in here can do the Dougie?" "who in here can do or knows what the stanky leg is?" and then he got more serious and told us not to make a sound when these people stood up. he would say things like "who in here is being raised by a single parent?" "who in here has seen their beautiful mother being abused by a man?" and finally "who in here has tried to do self harm to themselves or has tried to take their own life?"
he obviously asked many questions and lead up to the big ones with littler ones. but it was amazing how many people stood up when these questions were asked. you really don't know people at all. I would have never guessed the amount of people that stood up for the heavy questions he was asking. it was so sad to see that some people I've known for years have considered taking their own life because they were in a dark and depressed place.
I have a new found respect for all people. we can't judge people based on clothes or if they act different, because we have no idea what's going on in their home life.
swag | Tumblr - inspiring picture on Favim.com
at one point he asked everyone to get up and hug people that made a difference in their life and thank them for all they have done. it was such a touching moment and everyone was crying. it was beautiful!
so all in all, I just wanted to share that you are never alone. there are people in this world going through struggles that you are going through as well and if there are people who have been there by your side through hard times, give them a big hug next time you see them.
take advantage of everything you have because some people have nothing, not even parents. for some people, all they want is for their parents to love them, not abandon them.
And so do I...
also try some things to make some people around you have a better day:
1. compliment someone or make them smile
2. do some random acts of kindness this week, because everyone deserves some kindness
pretty heavy stuff, right?
just thought i'd share.
have a great weekend, all! xo

Sunday, October 06, 2013


castleofmaidens | via Tumblr
(can this PLEASE be my bed?!)
Loving: having a friend that's a boy... I won't go into detail, but he's Swiss and lives near me and said it himself that we're best friends and it makes me happy ;)
Thinking about: how far behind I am on the college business. wah!!
Watching: every single show that has started up with a new season... which is a lot. oh, and The Bling Ring! I watched that the other day and love it... I don't even know why?
Anticipating: there are a lot of small things to anticipate! plus I keep reading into things too much and keep saying things like "this is my last Halloween with the family!" and all that. so I think it makes me want this year to go slower and take everything in. is that weird?
Listening to: Lorde and Twenty One Pilots! look them up!

Working on: seriously, just trying to do all I can this year since it's senior year. not even just clubs and things, but hanging out with people I know I'll probably never see again and trying to be myself because why shouldn't I? you shouldn't change who you are to fit in with the people around you.
Wishing: this year would actually slow down a bit. I'm NOT one to say that, but seriously it's going so fast already. I don't have college stuff prepared and I don't want my Swiss friend to leave when July comes.
what's currently going on with you? link back to me!
*pictures from WeHeartIt and the post idea is from the wonderful blog Sometimes Sweet :)

Wednesday, October 02, 2013


i'm not sure where this is from, but I found it on Tumblr!
i'm still waiting to do this sometime soon...