Friday, June 29, 2012

save me



all from WeHeartIt

i really want to dip dye my hair. hopefully i'll do it with blonde this Summer and then slowly change to another, bolder, color later ;)

so this weekend i'm at the Hershey lodge with my family. (the third time i've been to Hershey this week, might i add.) and i thought it would be for fun, but it turns out it's actually for a conference with my sister. no big deal... just kidding. they have these freaking sibling meetings too. so i have 13 year olds in charge of me doing stupid activites. do i not look my age?!

i don't know what i'll do with myself tomorrow, because we have meetings all day. i don't know why nobody told me about what we were really doing here, but i'm not happy about it. only one more day, Katie.

OTHER THAN THAT - listen to this song because it's too wonderful to not listen to. so so good. so good.

have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

link love

such a good movie!

where can i buy these?!?

this picture just makes me smile

shoes! too cute!

bad day? here's a hug! (if it doesn't work right, go to 'Give a Hug' and then click on their Youtube channel. it's non-stop hugs!)

Kate Spade, you're too good. i'm proud to say i own a Kate Spade glasses case and iPod case and.. that's about it. haha! but i still love her stuff.

that cozy bed, that view, that skylight - give it to me now!

i got a new, cheap, old, suitcase and i want to do something awesome with it - at first i was just going to put stickers all over it, but now i'm thinking this! cute!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

recent pins

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this cookie recipe - get in my mouth now. cookie dough, reese's cups, brownie mix, perfection

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this yellow cabinet with white surroundings - love it!

this lace pocket diy - i just love how it looks. i really want to do it on a pair of my jeans!

you can follow me on Pinterest here, if you'd like :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Heshey Park!

this is just a little post about my Hershey Park adventure on Sunday! i took these pictures from the top of the ferris wheel. they're also phone photos, so the quality is uber bad.. but here you go!

the first 2 are the water park and the last is of roller coaster in the boardwalk area. i want to say it's Wildcat... but i'm really not the person to ask about roller coasters. but Wildcat doesn't sounds right to me... i don't know.



my cousin's boyfriend, John, had his bag stolen and they found it, but his money was taken :( poor guy. other than that, it was a very good day!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Demi and HCR concert!

hey guys! how was your weekend? mine was AMAZING, thanks for asking ;) i went to the concert Saturday and then Hershey Park yesterday.

so i'll start off with the concert... it was THE BEST NIGHT EVER. oh man, i can't even describe it. i saw my favorite band Hot Chelle Rae and then my idol, Demi Lovato. wahhhhfisidnvk

good thing i took pictures, because honestly, i don't even think it actually happened. huh, cliché much?

they had a fan come up to rap the part of I Like it Like That ^ 

 one time Ian (third picture) made a video of his crew and Cameron ^ was part of it because he's their guitar tech. sooo i really wanted to get a picture of him ;) i was really excited about that

and then... dadadadada (drum roll, duh) DEMI LOVATO

 perfection ^

 her face ahhh

Demi, i love you so much. gah, it was fabulous. i can't believe i got to see her in person. AHHH! ok, enough with the cheese...

it wasn't that awkward with my cousin, but i can also say that i definitely would have freaked out a little a lot more if i was with a friend. ah, well. IT WAS SO FUN! i can't believe it's over now :( i was looking forward to it for so long and it's done.

ok well i'll tell you about Hershey Park in tomorrows post! :)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Fancies - Color Block

hola! {av} has a pretty sweet Friday Fancies going on this week. i always want to wear a color blocked outfit, but i'm not brave enough. maybe i will be someday, though! ;)
Untitled #36

i went with purple and yellow because i think that's one of the best color blocks on the color wheel. pretty nice, right? my friends room is purple and yellow, so it makes me think of her too.

did you guys see the new Polyvore layout? where it gives you a template? hmm i'm not so sure about that.

also, have you heard the song Both Of Us by B.O.B. and Taylor Swift? i can't stop listening to it!

have a nice weekend!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

concert bliss

i haven't told you about the Demi Lovato and HCR concert i'm going to on Saturday yet? no?! what's wrong with me. well, if you follow me on Twitter, you would know that i am going and that i'm far more excited for it than i can describe.


both from We Heart It

it's pretty much my 2 favorites on one stage, people!! ahh! also, if you follow me on Twitter, you would know that i had a small (just kidding - supersized!) problem, and i almost couldn't find anyone to take with me! i almost had to sell my tickets, folks! can you imagine?!

but thank God my cousin stepped in and is taking me. we don't talk too too often, so i have a feeling there will be more than several awkward moments, but hey, i'm going to see Demi! my cousin also still thinks she's from Disney and will singing Disney songs blah blah blah. oh boy :/

ahh, well! t'will be much fun!!

p.s. happy real first day of Summer! :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


yesterday i went to Baltimore and i thought i'd tell you about it! i'm actually from Baltimore and it was really fun to go back. being there made me feel happy that i was from there. i don't miss it but i think i can say i do miss the atmosphere. ;) i'm glad to say i'm from there, anyway.

"Baltimore - The Greatest City in America" ;) 

you might have heard about the Star Spangled Sailabration that happened there (if you haven't, check it out here) and that's a big reason we went. it was also the last day and the ships were sailing out, so we didn't really get to see much :/ 

they did these really awesome sort of 'shows' as they left. it was really cool! 

we went to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch - ummm BEST PART OF THE DAY 

they had these Bmore shops everywhere including this Ravens/Orioles shop. it was soooo great to be back in a place where there are no freakin' Steelers fans. everyone agreed on one thing: Baltimore!

a street performer! he was really good. 

then just when i thought it was getting lame... Urban Outfitters!! YES. i was really determined to get something there since there aren't any close to where i live. but... in the end... all i got was a bracelet. lozerz. 

a pretty sweet submarine! 

the most wonderful part of Barnes & Noble! gah, it was perfect. 

insanely priced condos my parents were trying to see inside of for retirement. they kept asking a really cute guy about a model of a room to look at. omg i was dying.

and lastly, a freakin' sweet art museum that i really wanted to go to, but didn't. because my parents spent 39754 hours asking about stupid condos, we didn't have time to. i was.. uh.. pretty upset about that.

so there you have it! it was a good time. i definitely want to go back soon!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Last Song

gah, what's not to love about The Last Song? it's more than a great movie. and book - don't get me wrong! i could watch it everyday.

i remember when i first saw it in theaters, i was with all of my best friends. each one of them! we haven't all been together like that in a while, which is sad to think of. so that's just another reason i really love this movie.. and all of my friends!

fantastic, right?

oh, and can't forget this! :