Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween!!

now i have to watch Ellen, to see what she dresses up as this year, set up the front porch since we were'nt able to it it in the snow, get dressed up and help my friend get dressed up, go trick-or-treating ;), and do homework!

they seriously shouldn't give homework on holidays like this.

anyway... stay safe and have fun!! :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

calming exercises

ok so call me weird, but you have to do this. we did it in History last week, but i didn't do it (who knows why) haha but i just looked up the video and it really works. at least for me. if it doesn't work, it gave me a feeling like it worked. you know what i mean? anyway, it's for meditation and it's really calming. i like when it says "eyes are doors to the mind, so they must be closed.". so true!

i was also trying to find good yoga videos on Youtube, but slowly found out they all sucked. salvo has a bunch! i guess i'll have to give in and buy a yoga dvd! ahh so peaceful :)


oh Andy Samberg, marry me?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

(don't) let it snow

so i stand corrected. this is what i woke up to this morning! snow. it really does make me mad. i mean i didn't get to pile leaves up and jump off my swimg into them, i would much rather be raking leaves than shoveling snow and we have a Halloween party tonight!

it's making all the trees limbs break because the leaves are still on them. poor trees :(

i took these about an hour ago, so it's heavier now and starting to lay on the roads. and it's snowing as we speak. gah, crazy.

this is my sister dressed up in a costume just for fun. (it's not what she's dressing up as, so i don't know why she's wearing it haha) but yeah.

it makes me want to watch a Christmas movie instead of Halloween. oh well - it's still Autumn Katie!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

oh weather

speaking of Miley Cyrus, today i was flipping through channels and saw that The Last Song was on! i haven't seen it it so long and i wanted some more Miley! it was perfect.

oh, and the forecast is calling for snow here tomorrow. yeah, right! the weathermen are never right... (but of course this time they will be because i'm saying all of this). they cancelled all the school stuff tomorrow, sports and classes and stuff, because of what the weather was calling for. they even cancelled my friends homecoming in Maryland! if it snows, i will be pretty mad. we didn't even get to enjoy a good Autumn! the leaves JUST started to fall!

it's so weird. this year we have gone through SO many types of weather! droughts, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, snow in October?? ...things that never happen in PA all seemed to happen in less than a year.

ah well. at least it's Friday!!! :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

dreaming paradise

is it weird that i'm craving some Miley Cyrus? she needs to come back and make another movie or something! she is making that movie LOL, but i'm not really excited for that... here's the (apperently) trailer to the movie she's remaking. pretty... interesting?

has anyone heard the song Paradise by Coldplay yet? SO GOOD. i seriously can't stop listening to it!

AND my boyz, hcr, made a song with Demi Lovato! i'm so crazy excited for their cd to come out! November 29th!!!

music is pretty good these days, if i do say so myself. ...minus Justin Bieber's Mistletoe... i would like it so much better if he didn't say "shawty with you" the whole song! gah, shawty.

haPPy wednesday!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

pink hair

today i went and got a pink hair extension for breast cancer! i was going to get purple, but i thought it would blend in with my hair too much. hopefully this stays in for more than 2 days!!

oh! and here's a really bad picture of my cranes! i whipped my webcam out really fast so i thought i should try to get a picture, and it didn't turn out that well. i have better ones!

Monday, October 24, 2011

remember this post? well this is what i ended up doing with them! they are pretty much dead now, but they still look fabu ;)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

trees of change

i took these pictures last week, so of course by now all of the leaves have changed... but isn't this cool? it's just one tree with bright colors in between green trees. ...i thought it was cool! ;)

last saturday i...

made this! my dad has these old leggos in the basement that he used when he was like 12, and they are so awesome! i have always played with them my whole life, but i think i saw a leggo commercial that day and was like "hey!" so i made it haha pretty sweet.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

fall and fright

so i'm pretty sure i was going to do a really good post today, but i totally forgot the "idea" i had, so instead, this works.

first of all, i freaking love this. it's just so secure and cozy. i think i posted something similar not too long ago? i can only wish my room looked like this!

also, i've already started one of the ideas i have for my room and hopefully it will look a little something like this.  but with less haha

also, right now i really love tacky, cozy, awesome sweaters. too bad i don't really have any! i found one in my moms closet, so i think i'm going to wear that one the whole entire weekend.

and even though i love coffee, i've been coming back to hot chocolate lately. this one looks really good! i love to put a mint in it and let it melt. then the hot chocolate had a hint of mint in it! mmmm

also, this is HOPEFULLY what i will be for Halloween! it might be too scary for a little kid party i'm going to, but it's whatever. haha! i'll try it on and see how i feel

lastly, i went on youtube and watched the Human Centipede 2 trailer and that was the worst decision of my life. that scared the life out of me! i get scared really easily, but really, who would want to see that?!? i'm already extremely scared to get lost when in the car from the first Human Centipede, but a second?! craziness.

well... it's FRIDAY! happy weekend! :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

shake it out

ahh i love this song - can Florence and the Machine be any better?

wellll this week is going on forver. but i should be getting my Halloween costume Saturday! i'm actually going to be scary this year! i LOVE this time of year so much.

happy (almost) Friday!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

7 things

so i'm just going to stop promising to do things, because i obviously have a problem. i'll just do all of that other stuff whenever i get a chance!

for now, here are 7 things that make me mad and that i really don't feel like dealing with this week:

1. walking infront of slow, annoying, and rude people in the hallway
2. procrastination, already setting in
3. having my mom move back all my stuff in my room when i'm at school - i did that for a reason, and i was happy with it, thank you
4. racing to first period
5. not being able to find anything in my room when i need it
6. trying to pick out cute and different outfits, but worrying i won't pull it off
7. and high school drama in general

and here are 7 things that make me happy and that i'm looking forward to this week:

1. coming in an hour late to school today for our collaboration day!
2. having a high of 58 degrees Thursday and Friday for cozy Fall outfits!
3. having a flex day Wednesday to get homework done and have shorter classes!
4. these rings i found through Seventeen on here! but sadly not being able to find a really cute ring that i went on there for :/ maybe i'll find it!

5. this song and this song
6. having different ideas in my mind to decorate my room - if i finish what i want done, i'll put pictures up!!
7. being excited to grow my hair out, so it look like this:

and then seeing hair styles like these and changing my mind again

ok well happy Tuesday! my Life With Derek dvd came from Netflix today, and i'm prettttty excited to watch it!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


ok so i lied. procrastination took over and i never got a chance to upload the pictures :/ i waited to do A LOT of stuff today! i made a ghost to ghost someones house, and that took forever because since i'm the first person to start it, i had to makeup the paper and all that. the  i was going to give them a little goodie bag, but i couldn't find the lollipops i usually keep stored in my closet. then i remembered that my mom had to change everything around and she won't admit it, but she threw away like half the stuff in my room. it makes me so mad!!!! at least admit it!!! so looking for candy for the stupid thing took an hour itself, and i didn't even end up finding any. not even a little bag of pretzels! nothing!

oh, and i feel badly, but i went back to that shop i was telling you about last weekend, and i didn't take any pictures :( i had my camera and everything, but there was only like 5 people in there and my camera makes a sound when it takes the picture, so i felt really awkward hehe but while at the store, but my dad got an old coat rack (well actually, he had no money on him, so i bought it) and i was going sand it and re-paint it, but it has 2 layers of other paint on it, so it would take about 249728 years to sand. so my dad is going to strip the paint off and i'm going to paint it another day. but while i was there, i got an old map of NYC that i have a cool idea for, a black and white picture of the ocean, and something that i'm going to use for a gift for someone! :)! and for some reason i didn't have to pay for any of my stuff! only the coat rack! the 3 things i wanted were only about $1 total anyway haha

plus homework and stuff. oh and you know when i was telling you about how i'm mad that my mom moved everything in my room? well i got so mad looking for EVERY SINGLE THING in my room, that i just moved everything back to its original spot! gah it's so much better. no more naked spot, having my movie box in a random part of my room, lifting my printer off my table to get stuff out if it, and i even brought my bean bag back up! yayayay. although i do miss having a table next to me here, because i would put my feet up on it :/ ah well, this is more like it! :)

ok well, tomorrow FURSURE!

have a great week! where did that weekend go?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

haunted house

this picture is good for 2 reasons. 1. i've sort of been wanting The Beatles record cover, like that one. salvo, perhaps? and 2. for what i'm about to tell you haha...

well i was going to show you what i did today, but my camera is downstairs and i'm home alone and my house is being super creepy right now. i don't think i've ever been this scared alone before! call me a wimp, but the phone just rang twice with only one ring, my lights are flickering in my room, and i think something just fell downstairs. help me. parents - come home now. my parents don't answer their phones either. NO BIG DEAL. NO BIG DEAL.

anyway... i'll make a catch up post tomorrow. for now, i need to wait for my freaking parents to come home! i don't even like going through haunted houses.

Friday, October 14, 2011

my a to z

happy Friday! today i have no school, and thought that would be a great reason to do a really interesting blog post. i found this a to z activity, first on April, Maybe and then on Just Add Kaleena (blogs i read everyday. what are you still doing here? go follow them!), so i really wanted to do it too! i think it's fun and it remind me of those forwarded e-mails i used to get all the time. (ha - because i'm so old :P)

so if you wanted to know more about Katie Scherpf, here we go! :)

A. Age: 15 going on 16. a young blogger, at that.

B. Bed size: queen. or, you could also say, my room size. if i had a smaller bed, i could do so much more with my room!

C. Chore that you hate: picking up my room. i hate putting clothes back on hangers and i hate a messy room, so it takes awhile to get it up to my standards. oh, and taking my dog out. i love my dog, but if it's cold or i'm watching a show or i just don't feel like it, it's a hassle.

D. Dogs: Cody! he's a cocker spaniel-poodle mix. fun fact: his birthday is on my parents anniversary! 

E. Essential start to your day: the internet. Facebook, Twitter, blogging, e-mail, etc pretty much all gets checked first thing in the morning. is that bad?

F. Favorite color: aquamarine

G. Gold or Silver: tough one. i think people have asked me this before, and i have to think about it for awhile. but...i think i'll go it's really classy looking. silver is more... i don't know how to explain myself... but if you could read my mind, you would know what i'm talking about

H. Height: 5’7″

I. Instruments you play: i played flute in fourth grade, then quit. uhh i guess guitar? sort of?

J. Job title: i like Kaleena's answer, so i'm going to go with a professional procrastinator.

K. Kids: no kids, and no shows on MTV.

L. Live: York, Pennsylvania. nuff said.

M. Mother’s name: Steph

N. Nicknames: uhh ok... kater, billy, kit-kat, dirty dan ;), people call me kate - but i hate it, i'm called spencer in one of my friends phones.. yeah i suppose those are "nicknames"

O. Overnight hospital stays: not yet. knock on wood

P. Pet peeves: people who tell me to be quiet. don't ever tell me to "ssshhh". people who walk near my feet - i'm very sensitive around my toes, so whenever someone walks by i try to keep my toes secure. people who say stuff that know i don't know what they are talking about, making me have to ask what they are talking about. if you know that i don't know what you're talking about, just tell me the whole thing. a recent example: my friend: "i'm at work right now." me: "ok? i didn't know you worked" my friend: "now you know:)" me: "are you going to tell me where...??" she was just helping her mom at her mom's work. but see what i'm saying. that wasn't really a good example, but yeah. i could go on about that one. see if she really had a job, couldn't she just say, "i got a job and i'm at work right now!". sorry about that rant.
Q. Quote from a movie: oh this is a tough one. i mean, i don't really know. probably anything from Elf. "I'm a cotton-headed ninny muggins." "I love you I love you I LOVE YOUUUU." and plenty more i know i'm missing.

R. Right or left handed: righty

S. Siblings: a younger sista

U. Underwear: my lucky ones have hotdogs and hamburgers on them
V. Vegetable you hate: BRUSSEL SPROUTS taste like feet

W. What makes you run late: last minute clothing changes
X. X-Rays you’ve had: teeth... and that's about it

Y. Yummy food that you make: i would say my apple sauce breakfast cake and my pizza sticks, if i do say so myself

Z. Zoo animal: ZEBRAS

(this is me and my zebra print body pillow)

phew, that took longer than i thought it would! anyway, hope you have a great start to your weekend!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

one more day

we have off school Friday. yay! so this is pretty much tomorrow's schedule:

also, we watched a movie today at school (which i was able to watch because of my stupidity). it's called The Ultimate Gift and i would totally watch it again! it was kind of random at some points, but i thought it was really good! it was sad, though. here's the trailer, check it out:

one more day! hope you all had a great week :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

i hope this doesn't effect me as much as i think

from here
so here's what's up. the PSATs are tomorrow... and i missed the deadline for the paper. SO i'm probably the only sophmore not taking them and i feel like an idiot. AND now i have to sit in homeroom for 3 hours doing nothing. this sUcKs. please let there be others not taking it as well!!!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

a store i will return to

i have officially been to the best store ever. it was FULL of awesome stuff. of course i didn't bring my camera, so had had to take phone photos. and then if put the photos on here and hit "large" they would get all pixely. soooo i had to edit them on picnik. but here!

the first picture are all of these old bottles. they had SO MANY of them! i had to get at least a few. and i'm looking around to find cool ideas for them. the second picture is what i did, but i'm not a fan of that.

the last 3 pictures are what i want to do with them, but i need to buy flowers to do that, so yeah.

and then they had all of these old postcards. if you can't read what the 3rd picture on here says, it says 1914!

and then the 4th picture is a bunch of bubbles :) i got my work, and it's so cool!! 

here's what i want to do:

so yeah. the store is only about 10 minutes from my house so i will DEFINITELY be going back and i will DEFINITELY take my camera next time! :)

Saturday, October 08, 2011

antiques and old stuff

today my parents, sister, my grandparents, and i went to 2 places. one of them had hayrides and things like that haha and the other one was really cool! it was just a shop of some sort. i don't know how my mom found it because it is on a REALLY bumpy road in the middle of nowhere.

here's the hayride. that was fun, but quite itchy!

here's when we got to the other shop. it's just full of really cute stuff!


 bathtubs? yes.

it was pretty cool. i got my nana a pretty bangin' Christmas present. i'll possibly put a picture of it up. but i wish someone would get it for me. i will have envy of her having it!

p.s. i'm obsessed with Topshop. CUTE STUFF.