Friday, September 05, 2014

About college

So I've been in college for exactly 1 week and it's been good. I definitely miss home and my dog and my car, but I'm telling myself that this is just as long as I want it to be. There's ALWAYS the option to transfer and nothing is permanent right now. I want to get this experience and stick it out, so I will, and I'm hoping all will be well for the rest of the year (or even semester for that matter).
I think that I'm just more conservative that all the people here. My roommate and I have a lot in common and we love the same movies and pretty much have the same outlook on college, so I'm really lucky for that. It's just those nights at 2am hearing drunk people in the hallway when trying to sleep and hearing people yell about who slept with who while I'm in my room watching I Love Lucy that have me questioning if this is really the place for me. I want to expand my comfort zone but I also want to be happy, and quite frankly I'm happiest when I'm in my room with a cup of tea, blankets and stuffed animals, and watching I Love Lucy or Gilmore Girls.
Since my dream is to live in NYC and be a successful art therapist, I've decided that I'm just here to get an education and concentrate on my goal. I know that these are some of the best years of my life and I'm not trying to wish them away or make it sound like I am, but right now while I have no real friends or anything to look forward to besides going home, I just want to spend my time on school. I'm sure I'll have fun and have some true college experiences, but since that's not really in my radar I'm going to do what makes me happy.
I just wanted to get my thoughts out there because it's pretty hard for me to say all of this to my friends or even parents. What are your thoughts? Please keep your comments respectful, as I know that I sound like I'm exaggerating and making college sound terrible. It's not terrible, it's just hard being here and having no way to get home immediately if need be. It's a big change for me and I have weird thoughts about this whole experience. Oh, college.