Saturday, November 15, 2014


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Loving: SO many Etsy shops! I kind of talked about this a little bit already, but since I can't get off campus, I've been shopping online a lot and I've found some awesome Christmas gifts on Etsy lately! Here are just a few I've been loving: SuHua Silver, Printer Studio, Treat Dreams, and Under10USD
Reading: Looking for Alaska! I might be a little behind on the times, but it's a great book! I brought it with me when I was on the train and now I'm just reading bits and pieces whenever I get a chance.
Watching: Literally EVERYTHING. I have a lot of time on my hands and watching shows online seems to be the best way to procrastinate as well. I could list all the shows I've been watching, but I feel like it could get a bit embarrassing since I've watched so many haha! The biggest one is probably Gilmore Girls, though, because they added it on Netflix in October -- so awesome!

Anticipating: Obviously Thanksgiving break! I can't wait to go home for a while and chill and bake Christmas cookies and see my family and all that jazz. Oddly enough, I'm anticipating Christmas break more though! Mostly because it's a longer break and I also got people REALLY awesome gifts this year and I'm so excited to give them out!

Listening to: 1989! SO great! I also went to a conference not too long ago and saw a bunch of different artists sing, which was super fun. If you can, you should check out Caroline Cotter! Her voice and music is pure gold.
Working on: STUDYING. I don't know if that really fits into this category, but it's true! I've never studied so much in my  life and I'm so sick of it. But it's obviously something I need to do, so here I am! I'm getting into a rhythm and everything, but like I said, procrastination takes over (as it does for most people). For example, I'm currently in the library trying to study psych, but the blog needed an update! ;)
Wishing: To go home! I wanted to think of something more clever to put here, but honestly that's all
I'm thinking about right now. I can't wait.

What are you currently up to? Link back to me!

P.S. Anyone have any tips on flying? I'm flying home next week and it's basically the first time I've flown and I'm doing it all by myself. Tips on carry on vs checking baggage? What to wear? I'll take anything!