Friday, November 07, 2014

Travel: phone photos

These pictures are from about a month ago that I had in my drafts and must have forgotten to share! I went home to surprise my mom back in the middle of October and it was so awesome. It went really fast, but it was so awesome getting to see my family and my dog. Not to mention the comfy bed and private bathrooms ;)
Normally I would fly, but since it was last minute I took a train. It was about 9 hours of travel with layovers and everything.

It's pretty cool because I'm pretty much a pro with trains now because it took so many to get there and back!

On the Friday that I went home, I had a 1.5 hour layover in Manhattan. That was SO awesome. You all know how much I love New York, so getting to walk around all alone and just kind of take everything in was beyond great.

Yeah, that was it! The next time I'll be going home will be in a few weeks at the end of November for Thanksgiving -- yay! For that I will be flying though, so phew. It's definitely going quickly. I'm happy with all the opportunities I'm taking advantage of and there really isn't anything I would change about the year so far. In a couple of weeks I'm going to Boston and then a week after that I'm going back to New York again. I'm so happy with all of these experiences and so glad I'm not just sitting in my room during such an exciting time in my life.
Have an awesome day! :)