Wednesday, August 19, 2015


(I'm dreaming of Fall)
Loving: My job! I work as a receptionist at Great Clips and it's just awesome. I love getting to talk to new people everyday and the people I work with are so nice and funny. I'm sad I'm only there for a few more weeks, but I'm so grateful for my opportunity to work there.
Watching: PRISON BREAK. I'm SO obsessed I can't even really explain. Have you watched it? I totally recommend. The first season is definitely my favorite but the other seasons are still really great. And the series finale is so heart-wrenching. Dominic Purcell is such a fantastic actor and I could watch this show over and over. Also, have you heard they're coming out with a season 5 after all these years?

Reading: Paper Towns. I started reading it a while ago because I wanted to finish it before the movie came out (LOL) an I'm still reading it. I love it though!
Anticipating: Moving back to Massachusetts for school! Most of my friends are leaving soon, and some have even already left. I'm ready to go back, I think. I kind of don't want to leave my friends, but I'm definitely ready to have my own space again.
Listening to: A lot, actually. I've been really loving Shawn Mendes, though! I had no idea who he was, but I heard his song Stitches and I really like it. Oh! And I love Cool for the Summer by Demi Lovato.
Working on: Balancing out my life. I think I'm doing an alright job, but I'd like to do better. I've been working a lot lately and, while I really love my job and making money, I wish I wasn't working so many hours a day. I want to spend time with friends before they all leave, and I also just want to take time to read and get things done. There are more things I want to do too and it's just a lot to get done in one day.
Picture from here and post idea from Dani at Sometimes Sweet!
Have an awesome day!