Saturday, September 19, 2015


Happy Saturday morning! I'm in a positive mood today and I don't know why. I mean, I'm usually happy, but on Saturdays at school I'm usually not just because I'm usually annoyed with all the drunkies around and there isn't anywhere to go but campus so I get frustrated. I'm sitting here in the union on my computer doing homework at 11 am and I'm getting happy about all the exciting things in my future. I'm excited that this is (hopefully) my last semester at this school because I'm (hopefully) going to transfer (I turned in the application and am just waiting to hear back).
The other day I was sitting with my art therapy friends and I started to think, is this what I want? To leave these friends that I've become so close with behind? All the clubs I've joined. All the experiences I've had. Do I want to leave all that to start over completely at another school? Ultimately, I said yes. I feel that if I'm so confident to leave all of that behind, I'm really ready.
So I'm prepared to make the most of this last (hopefully) semester. I'm going to take in all the fun times with my friends and go to all my club activities because in a few short months I'll (hopefully) be starting a new chapter in life in a new city.
Hope your Saturday is filled with happiness!
P.S. The weather is getting chillier! Yay, Fall!

The pictures are from my hike at Hawk Mountain back in July.