Friday, September 11, 2015


My posts have been pretty wordy lately, but I guess that's what happens when a new school year starts, haha! So here's another one.
I'm so weird. I thought that I loved change, but lately I'm feeling like that's completely the opposite. Maybe it's the school I'm at? Maybe it's the people I'm with? Have you ever felt this way?

The same thing happened last year and the year ended up going really fast, but I feel like overall, I'm just not happy where I am. A bunch of my friends at my school are transferring and it's so crazy to me because I was going to transfer last year. This year I'm thinking harder about it and I want to actually experience things. I'm stuck on this campus and I feel like I' not doing anything with my life. I think I really want to look into something so that I'm not wasting another whole year. Plus, I'm overall tired and annoyed with the people I'm around. I like to do things by myself most of the time and here there is just no place to get away.

I'm completely stuck in a rut and am not sure what to do but my gut is telling me to do it. I found another school that really excites me and I also really just want to leave the school that I'm at right now. What are your thoughts? Should I do what my gut says or research more first?

Hope your Friday is a great one.