Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Frances Stark

So the other day I didn't have anything to do (except homework) and I thought to myself, I could sit here and watch Netflix all day or I could get out and use this day off to explore a bit. So I sent with the latter! While going to the MFA isn't a new experience for me, I was anxious to see all the new exhibitions since I was last there. Last time they had Mega Cities Asia and TechStyle and both of those were AWESOME, so my expectations were high.

They had a William Merritt Chase exhibit, which was beautiful. Then they had a Political Intent/Beyond Limits exhibit and that was really interesting! It wasn't as great as TechStyle, in my opinion, but I looked around that exhibition for quite a while. Finally they had UH-OH by Frances Stark. And, WOW.

This woman is absolutely everything to me now. I walked around there for so long admiring everything. I love her simplicity, colors, words, messages, ideas. EVERYTHING. I want all of her pieces hanging in my room right now. She even had videos she made and they captured me! I watched one of them 4 times. People kept coming in and out, but I stayed to watch it again.

I just loved everything about it. I would go back tomorrow just to see this exhibit. (Even though I go to the MFA all the time anyway -haha!) It's definitely meant for a certain kind of person, and not suitable for children, but it's amazing. Frances Stark is quite possibly my new favorite artist.

The 3 pictures above are all by Stark - they're just a taste of what you would see.

If you're in the Boston area: GO!