Saturday, May 27, 2017

Europe pt. 5: Pisa, Italy

Next up is Pisa, which really isn't anything except for the Leaning Tower! It's kind of weird, because we drove about 1 hour to get there from Florence and it's basically a trip just for a picture and then you leave. The town isn't really anything special, so I don't think I'll ever go back! It's strange to think that... but here are some photos of the famous building! It's worth seeing and getting the famous picture of you holding it up. We also saw the chandelier that Galileo discovered the pendulum with inside the church!

This was our first nice day in a long time, so we were all excited to see the sun. It was pretty cool getting to see the Leaning Tower with the beautiful sky in the background!
So, yeah. If you think Pisa is a big, exciting city, you're very wrong! You should check it out, though.

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