Friday, December 20, 2013

Guest post -- Jennifer from Living the Creative Life

Hi guys, I'm Jennifer from Living the Creative Life. I was so honored to be asked by Katie to do a guest post on her blog, so hopefully I won't bore you guys! I tend to post randomly about random things that strike my interest at the time, whether that be books, movies, art, design, etc... so if that sounds like something that interets you, come visit me! Without furthur ado.... here we go...

Five things every woman should know how to do:

#1 -- Fry an egg

No really. There's something awesome about knowing how to make the perfect fried egg. It's gotten to the point where I don't even like eating eggs other people have made because I like how mine taste better.

#2 -- Pin stuff on Pinterest

Because it's fun. And relaxing. And a great artistic feeding ground.
I am learning that, as an artist, it's very important to feed my inner artistic self or I will not be able to be very creative. For some reason this is easier said than done. I think maybe we artists get used to being depressed and "blocked" so much that we forget that the quickest way out of it is to inspire yourself with other people's creativity. One free way to feed your creativity is by curating a Pinterest stream that speaks to your sense of wonder and imagination!

#3 -- Go to the movies alone

Okay as an introvert, I actually enjoy this... prefer it even. But I really think every woman could benefit from having the strength to do things on her own. Going places w/ friends, boyfriends, family is fine... but you're always seeing these places and things through their eyes. When you go places by yourself, everything looks and feels differently. It can be very envigorating!

#4 -- Generate passive income

I'm not particularly good at this yet, but I keep trying! Passive income is when you continue getting paid for something long after you stop working at it (as opposed to getting paid only for the hours you show up to your job). Example include, e-books, digital downloads (like on Etsy), or even rent from a roommate or tenant. The point is to free up time for you to do other, more fun things... like travel! Because really, who wants to be stuck in a cubicle the rest of their life?

#5 -- Sit still

Again, not something I'm particularly good at. I used to be. I think. I sort of grew out of the ability to sit still without constantly thinking about something, but it's something I wish I were better at. I always sort of feel guilty whenever I have down-time, which really makes the down-time not so relaxing (and kind of ruins the point of down-time, don't you think?). I blame it on the always-on technology feast I gorge myself on daily.
Sitting still, daydreaming, people-watching... etc... can be a great way to give your brain some downtime. Which, from what I've read, is something that your brain really needs in order to function at it's peak abilities. It's a myth that working harder, faster, and with more multi-tasking will improve your performance in things. You actually need rest regularly for your brain to get it's productive surge again!
So it's okay. I promise. I give you permission to sit around and do nothing this afternoon. Your brain will thank you for it.


Thanks, Jennifer! Definitely make sure to pop over to her blog, Living the Creative Life!