Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Fancies -- City Life

Another Friday! Hooray! This is the first 5 day school week we've had in a really long time, and I'm so ready to sleep in. Unfortunately, I have to wait to sleep in until Sunday because tomorrow I'm headed to NYC! Actually, I'm going on a college visit in Sparkill, but afterwards, NYC here I come!
Untitled #69
I LOVE the city. I love it even more during Christmas time, but this works fine too! Hey, if I end up going to this college, I could go to NYC every weekend! (The dream!) I feel like it's imperative to be stylish while in a big city. Is that just me? I want to feel like a real New Yorker, so when going to the big apple, ya got to dress to impress. Eh, maybe I'm wrong, but style doesn't hurt!
Yesterday I was in DC and it took me a good hour to pick out an outfit the night before, even though I was only walking the streets for about an hour and a half!
Do you agree?