Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Link Love

(Just a little Channing for your day ;) )

A very deep and eye opening post on Tumblr -- love this so much.

A second a day video to see a little girls life go downhill over the course of a year. Chills!

Here's a beautiful picture of the city where I'm going to college -- any guesses??

I'm totally in love with this Flickr account right now. It was honestly impossible to not like every single picture!

Have you seen this video yet?? It's amazing! Molly sings a song and she tells a story. It seriously feels like she's taking you away for a while.

I'm also currently swooning over this Flickr account!

Right now I just want to open all the windows in my room and blast this song!

Hope you've had a wonderful week! :)