Friday, May 02, 2014

Big, exciting month ahead

I can't believe I only posted 7 times in April this year! What's wrong with me?? It's not even that I feel bad, it's just that I love this blog and it makes me sad that I'm at such a blogging rut. I can never think of anything to post anymore! Give me suggestions and ideas about this [problem] if you can, please!
I didn't even give a formal 'hello' to May... so hello May! What a beautiful, crazy month, full of new experiences and big changes.
Ok, so what songs have you been listening to lately? There are some really good ones out right now and I've been listening to some new and old goodies so I thought I'd share them with you...
Sing // Ed Sheeran
Partition // Beyoncé
Girls Chase Boys // Ingrid Michaelson
Don't Leave Me // Regina Spektor
Bridges // Broods
And there are plenty more, so maybe I'll do another post on the others!