Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Some LUSH Reviews

I absolutely love reading reviews from real people. I never really buy things until I read the reviews of a product. Even better, I love when people make YouTube videos using the product, because that 100% shows the result of the product. Unfortunately, I don't really want to make videos AND I wouldn't really want to for LUSH products because that takes away the surprise! So here are some of the more recent things I've used and here's my opinions of each of them:
Dragon's Egg
So I don't want to give too much away because half the fun of bath bombs is seeing what they look like once you drop them in your bath. I'm really not a fan of sparkles, and while this one isn't crazy, it still has sparkles, so it wasn't my favorite. I've heard really good things about this one so I was kind of sad when there were so many sparkles (haha!). It took a while to get going after it was dropped in the water, but it was still cool. Just be prepared to rinse out your tub afterwards because SPARKLES.
Brazened Honey
I actually really love this! It didn't do wonders or anything, but it didn't make me break out either. I would say my favorite part about the fresh face masks are the smells. They smell so good! I would get this one again, forsure.
Stepping Stone
I LOVED this! It smells amazing and made my feet so smooth! It lasts a good 5-6 scrubs I would say. The only thing: don't use it while you're showering! Do it prior to showering or post shower. If you do it while you're in the shower it will crumble and fall apart and waste your money. Just a warning!
The Comforter
This was really great! It's a little pricey, so I kind of wish that I split it in half so I could use it multiple times, but it was still nice. I love a lot of bubbles in my bath and it definitely did that. Plus it smelled super good and turned the bath water pink, which was fun. I would get this one again, but I feel like all the bubble bars are pretty much the same, so I might go with a cheaper one.
So those are the ones I've used recently! Are there any other products you want to hear about? I've used a lot of things from LUSH, so I'd be happy to give you some more opinions.