Saturday, April 09, 2016

One thing I've learned...

Alright. This post is about to be very wordy because I want to write something out. I should write it out in my journal, but I'm not sure I have the patience to write so much with just a pen ;)

I'm sitting here, in my bed, after a long day of shopping and hanging out with friends in Boston. I should be applying for jobs, but of course I got side tracked and I ended up looking through old pictures on Facebook. I came across one of my friend Jennette and I from about 3 Summers ago. I remember the time together to well - she came for 2 days and it was the BEST. We had photoshoots, went thrifting, ate at our favorite spots, and had a tea party under the stars. It was the Summer right before she met her boyfriend, and I remember he would text her little, simple things and she would get so excited because she had such a big crush on him. Now, that same guy is her husband. They got married back in June.

CRAZY. Times flies!

I'm just thinking about one thing that I've learned over the years. I always don't completely take in something when I'm doing it. So when I was 14 and 15 and all of my friends would be together and we would hang out and have the best time. I just assumed it would be that way every single Summer - it never really occurs to me that we would change so much in a year. Between work, college, vacations, and just change in general, we all kind of got busy and weren't able to see each other as much.

I just look at those pictures and wish that I would have taken more time to enjoy those nights. The tea parties, sleepovers, photoshoots. Now, we still hang out sometimes and it can even be more fun because we're older and can drive, have jobs, and some of us are 21. It's just different - we aren't the same immature youngsters that we used to be and it's kind of weird. I can't go back to those times, which makes me a little sad. That's why I just wish that I would have enjoyed those times more instead of saying "we'll be together again next Summer too!"

My point is, enjoy every moment. A lot can happen in a year and we grow, move, and get busy. Every year is going to be different, but it can still be fun. Never take a fun night with best friends for granted!

I hope you're having a great night. Thanks for reading, if you did!


Shannon Boyce said...

What a beautiful post. You are so is easy to assume that the moments we experience will last forever. That things will never change. Then they do and you find yourself wishing you could go back. And experience it fully. Thank you for the inspiration today. I will definitely be trying to embrace each moment! <3