Monday, April 11, 2016

Stay Happy by Dakota Wint

I was thinking today
That we’re all gonna die one day
And I was thinking of all the things that I take for granted
And sometimes I forget how blessed I am
And I just wanted to say that if you’re ever feeling down
Truly take a moment out of your day to think of everything that you cherish
Go squeeze someone you love
put your heart and soul into that hug
and don’t let go until you both can’t breathe
Go make a friend with someone completely random
Hold the door open for someone
and if they don’t even acknowledge you
just smile
never stop smiling
And if you’re ever feeling lost
take a chance
If you’ve got nowhere to go any road will get you there
and sing
Like no one’s watching
If you like someone
tell them
Laugh at the stupid jokes only you and your best friend find funny
Laugh until your stomach hurts
And if you’ve ever been mean to anyone
And never got the chance to say sorry
Life’s too short to waste your time being a jerk
And if people are mean to you for no reason
Screw ‘em
Be yourself because nobody else can be
And if you want to cry
Let it out
Expectation is the root of all heartache
The best thing to do is to stop thinking
And to just let things happen
And if the world ever makes you feel small
Look up at the stars and know someone somewhere is doing the same thing
and just because today might’ve been a terrible day
doesn’t mean tomorrow won’t be the best day of your entire life
you just have to wake up and get there
We learn from experience that we never really learn anything from experience
We never know what’s gonna happen
and that’s the thing about life
You just have to breathe every moment in like it’s your last
& never look back
& never regret
& always stay happy

Forever my favorite poem and video - Stay Happy

Has anyone ordered Dakota Wint's new book A Nervous Wreck That's Faking Fine? I need to get it!