Sunday, February 09, 2014

link love

(Photo by me)
Some VERY pretty dresses from Forever 21... did I mention I got to go to the 4 FLOOR one in NYC?! Best. Place. Ever.
I'm so obsessed with this Pinterest board! Who doesn't love perfect studio spaces?!
This bag, this bag! I need it! I obviously can't afford a Chanel bag (ha!), so why not go for a pretty knock-off?

A girl agrees to undergo the techniques that animals go through when doing animal testing -- crazy!

I'm super obsessed with leggings right now. I was never one to think they looked good as pants, but after wearing them as pants one time, I've never gone back to thinking that way! Check out these awesome leggings and tights :)

This shirt from Madewell is perfect -- we all need a basic grey tee, so why not embellish it a little with some city names?

There was a small Full House reunion on Jimmy Fallon
 the other night -- TOO funny!

The cutest little boy teaches college guys how to treat a lady -- this is awesome!!