Monday, February 03, 2014

What's in my backpack

I've never done a 'what's in my bag' post before, but I thought I'd switch it up and do a 'what's in my backpack' post instead! Maybe one day I'll tell you what's in my bag, but to be honest it's really boring and nothing special. I love reading these posts when other people post them, so I thought I'd post one myself! Here we go:
This is the backpack I use -- I got it from Amazon and I LOVE it! It's so big and I get compliments on it all the time. The straps have broken a few times, but I just tie them back together and all is well :)
My pencil case -- It's from Estee Lauder and I think it came as a little gift from when I got perfume a long time ago. I think it's so cute and perfect (and dirty)!

I'm not a reader by any means, but right now I have 3 books in my backpack. Beowulf is the book we're currently reading in English class and Frankenstein is the book I wrote about for my research paper over 2 months ago -- I should probably give that back! And finally, I just checked out The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things from the library the other day! I'm only about 60 pages into it, but it's really good so far!

These are just some of my school essentials -- my agenda (note how I write in some posts that I'm doing that week!), my calculator, and my German notebook.

My regular notebook -- I honestly just got this so that I could easily decorate the front and make it really pretty... obviously that hasn't happened. Bummer! I should really get on that.

Then I have a side pocket that's strictly used for beauty products -- I have a little heart mirror, lipstick (New York Color in shade 425), eye drops because when Spring comes it kills my eyes, Bath & Body Works hand lotion (Rain Kissed Leaves) that I really need more of because the clay in ceramics dries out my hands so much, and some mascara (Revlon Photo Ready 3D Volume).

And that's all the interesting stuff! I also have a pocket for notecards, my locker key that I never use, a padlock that I never use, and just some folders.
What's in your bag? I'd love to read about it!