Saturday, May 02, 2015

Favorite Tumblrs

I thought I'd share 5 Tumblrs that I love! I know when I first got a Tumblr, many moons ago, I was totally lost on where to start because how do you find all the good ones?! And I also thought I'd show some love towards some great blogs.
This one is for someone looking for a laugh! This blog is HILARIOUS and I could scroll through forever. Zack is also a YouTuber and he's so funny -- check out his channel!
This one is just pure cute. I reblog from this one far too often and scrolling through it is like reading a story!
As you know, my favorite season is fall! The pies, the colors, the scarves, the holiday. Fall is the bomb! And this Tumblr just gives an ode to the wonderful season that is Fall.
This blog is great! It's mostly watercolors and it's super cute to scroll through and see all the art. I come here a lot to get some inspiration!

The Poppies field No.4, Print of original watercolor painting, colorful landscape, mothers day, limited edition, landscape painting
5. HighSkoolProbz
Don't judge me on this one, haha! This one is kind of for the side of me that wants adventure and fun. I like to look at this to kind of cater to the rebel-side of me.

Have a great weekend! I have to hit the books because finals start this week and I go back to PA next week!