Friday, May 22, 2015

My Morning Routine

I thought I'd do a picture-post about my morning routine! So here we go...
 I start off with this Clean & Clear Morning Burst Moisturizer -- I like this because, while it doesn't necessarily "wake me up", it really softens my skin and also makes my foundation go on smoother.

Next, I put on my Covergirl Clean Foundation (I'm using Buff Beige right now because I'm a pale ghost) -- I haven't experimented with too many foundations, but this one gets the job done and I like how it isn't too thick or runny. I would love to try some other brands, though.

After that, I brush on some Mineral Wear Powder -- I just like how it will smooth out my face after the foundation. It kind of finishes the foundations job.

Next, I do my eye shadow and eyebrows. I use Covergirl Eye Enhancers Eye Shadow in the Daring Nudes -- I use the black on the right for my eye shadow and the dark brown next to the black for my eyebrows. For my eye shadow, I use the Estee Lauder brush and for my eyebrows, I just use the Elf angled-brush. I just started doing my eyebrows recently, but I love it. It's what my face needed!
 Finally, I put on my eye liner and mascara! I stopped using eye liner for a little bit this past Winter, because I thought it might open up my face. Honestly, though, I just think it made me look tired and not myself. So it might make me look like I have too much eye make-up on, but I like it! I don't think I've ever stuck to one mascara -- I constantly change it up. Right now I'm using Maybelline Pumped Up Colossal Mascara and I really like it! And then I just use an Elf black eyeliner pencil.

And here's a picture of my taking pictures of my stuff!
Have a great day :) What's your morning routine? Link back to me -- I'd love to read!