Friday, July 03, 2015



Loving: Nannying! I've been watching 2 girls in my neighborhood and driving them to their camps and stuff. It's super fun -- we get along great and I love getting paid! ;) It's weird having car seats in my car though. I feel like I have to tell people I'm not a teen mom LOL.
Watching: The Bachelorette! I loved the last season of The Bachelor and I'm so glad Kaitlyn was picked to be the bachelorette, but there's just SO much drama this season. It's kind of ridiculous. Also, I started watching Becoming Us on ABC Family and I'm really liking it. I'm not too good at keeping up with it, but I like it. Plus I've been re-watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix! Never gets old.

Reading: I put this one on here this time because I've actually been reading a lot lately! At the end of next month I'll post about all the ones I read; but currently, I'm reading Labor Day. I'm on chapter 9 and so far it's good! It's kind of cheesy, but it looks like it's going to be romance, so I guess cheesy is expected. I can't wait to see the movie now!
Anticipating: In the near future, I can't wait for my friend Alexandra to come home! She's the one that lives in China and she's coming home for good on Sunday and I'm picking her up from the airport! In the far future, I'm really excited for Fall. As usual! I don't know why, but whenever Summer hits, I instantly get super excited for Fall. No necessarily the cold, but the pumpkins, colors, leaves, smells. Agh, I love it!
Listening to: A ton, actually! For a broad answer, I've had Spotify's "Piano Ballads" playlist on a lot. For a more specific answer, I've really been loving Hero by Family of the Year and (not going to lie) I've really been liking Cheerleader by OMI.
Working on: Still finding a job! I've learned to kind of let if go, though. I know I'm going to need experience soon, but for now I'm just happy doing the normal jobs that I do around the neighborhood: plant watering, cat sitting, house sitting, dog sitting, and I've also been babysitting 2 girls once a week for a little bit.

Picture from my Tumblr and thanks to Dani from Sometimes Sweet for this post idea! Go check her out and make a post of your own -- link back to me, I'd love to read!