Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Vegan Diet

Hey all! So I was thinking about what to post and then I said 'duh!' Lately I watched a movie called Unsupersize Me and I just found it to be so eye opening and interesting. I've heard and thought a lot about doing the plant-based diet and I feel like the movie answered a lot of questions I had about the whole thing.

Have any of you tried it? Even for a short time? The only question I really had was, does it work even if you don't work out for more than an hour each day? Does it require a vigorous exercise routine to actually take effect? I'll have to do more research about that part.

I'm so interested!! I would really like to try it, especially seeing the results of the movie! I think that's it's good because you're just eating organic things from the Earth, rather than animal products. It's not boring either, which is something I was worried about! There are SO many vegan recipes, it's crazy!

I'd really like to stop putting junk into my body and just take a few months, at least, to gain back my health. I think it would be great for my body, skin, mood, and just overall happiness.

This Summer there's a new movie coming out called Unsupersize Us, which involves 5 people doing the pan-based diet and how it changed their life. I can't wait! So, let me know what you think! I'd love feedback!!

The photos are from my Pinterest - they're some examples of vegan recipes!


Shannon Boyce said...

That sounds like a really interesting movie!

Katie said...

It's great - I definitely recommend it for people trying to find healthy ways to lose weight!