Friday, July 29, 2016


Reading in the sunlight
Phew, I've been busy! I've been working day and night, during the day at my job and at night either cat sitting, house sitting or babysitting. I basically sleep at a different house every night! I'm currently at an old neighbor's house watching their 2 cats Pippin and Max. I'll be doing this for the next 7 days while also watching another old neighbor's cats and working. Crazy! It's just for about 2 more weeks though and then I'm ending my job and I'll be completely focusing on Summer!

How are you doing?
This isn't one of the cats I'm watching, but I found the great picture while scrolling through Flickr! It's by Tina Sosna.


Shannon Boyce said...

That picture is adorable. And it sounds like you have been crazy busy! I hope you are enjoying every minute though :)