Sunday, July 31, 2016

Pinterest bakes

On my days off, I like to either chill out and have nothing planned, or have my entire day planned. Lately I've been using them to look up dessert recipes on Pinterest and then make them for my family that night. Here are 3 that I've made this past week that I've loved.

It's so easy and so cheap! I wanted to bring a little part of Boston back to PA with me and, while this obviously isn't as good as the one at Mike's Pastry, it was still really good!

My parents LOVE chocolate eclairs, so I found this and thought it would be so easy and so good. And I was right! It was cheap, once again, and it took no time at all, it just had to be refrigerated about 8 hours before you eat it so the graham crackers can soften.

Banana-anything is probably my favorite thing ever. Making pies has been my new favorite thing since  made apple pie last Christmas. This was another cheap and simple recipe! I think the hardest thing with this one was deciding there to chill it. The fridge made it too runny but the freezer made it too solid. Still good though! One thing I did different, was used a pre-made chocolate crust instead of the traditional graham cracker one. SO good! It was the little hint of another flavor that the pie needed.

What have you made recently? I love finding simple and cheap recipes! I prefer baking over cooking as well. It's kind of my outlet, right up there with art. I just put on a Lifetime movie and bake away! I'll keep you updated if I do any more :)

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