Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas baking

I thought I'd post some of the desserts I've made over the past few days and how they came out! Pictures are from the websites, NOT mine!

I was really excited to make these! However, something must have gone very wrong. The dough was very gooey and even after it chilled in the fridge for a while, it was still not the right consistency I needed. So, I balled them up and they came out looking like tye-dye. They were also a little dry tasting. Still cool though!

This was pretty simple! I only made mine 2 layers, so it wasn't AS extravagant, and I also didn't do the icing as amazingly as this. I just took white icing all around. It was tasty!

Apple pie
(I don't have a picture or link for this one!) My friend, Alexandra, and I baked a really good apple pie over Thanksgiving using a recipe from an old book. It was SO simple and really tasty. It literally takes 15 minutes to make and about 40 minutes to bake. It's crazy good - if you want the recipe, message me!

What have you been baking?
Merry Christmas Eve!