Thursday, December 29, 2016

Share a snapshot

Remember when I would do these posts? They're always so wordy, but I love them!

Photo by me, taken December 2016, with a Nikon D3100.

So this photo means a lot to me, not really because of how it was taken or because anything special was happening this particular night. Just because I associate this room with my home. Sadly, I'll never see this room again, as I've moved out to go to Rome next month and will be living somewhere else come September.

This year I was lucky enough to get a triple, with me getting my own room and my roommates sharing one just a few steps away. This was easily my best year yet and just looking at this photo makes me think a lot. I know going to Italy is the right choice, but I would constantly look around my room and think, "am I really going to leave this place that I love right now?? I finally have a school, room, and friends that I love and I'm going to move out and leave it all??"

I'm really grateful that I liked this past semester so much that all those questions came up. In past years, I would literally count down the days until I cold move out, and now I had a place that I loved so much I didn't want to leave.  I really hope my roommates don't get stuck with a rude person in there next semester! This room will forever hold a special place in my heart and I've thought about it everyday since I left... 7 days ago.