Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas in the new house

So, we moved back in August and I haven't really been here that much because of school and everything. All the times that I have been here, I've mostly been setting up and decorating my room! It's nice to finally have more than 5 days to get this room as 'me' as possible. I definitely miss my room in Cambridge though... it almost feels like that was more my home than this once since I've spent more time there.

Anyway, this was our first Christmas in the new home and it was also the first time our extended family got to see the house since we had dinner here! It was definitely a success. So different than past years, as we have a gas fireplace rather than a real one and also my grandparents didn't stay the night with us like they normally do. It was a big change, but it was nice. I thought I'd post a few person pictures since I haven't done that in a while!

How was your holiday? I'm excited to take the next few weeks to think about nothing but rest, relaxation, and ITALY!