Sunday, July 09, 2017

Thoughts lately...

Here are some thoughts that have been swirling around in my head lately, as told by various talented photographers.

We shouldn't spend all our time cooped up inside. While I love cozy nights in (as you know, too), this year I realized how much time I was spending in bed at 9 pm with hot tea, Gilmore Girls, and a face mask. Don't get me wrong, that's GREAT. It's just not what we should be doing every night. "Nobody looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep." Go out and have those crazy nights that you're not proud of, because when you have kids and a full time job, those are going to be the nights you remember and tell stories about.
Photo: Sam Brockway
modern hair art

Adventure is out there. This past semester, obviously, I learned that there's so much out there to see. I don't want to be trapped in PA forever. Forget forever - I don't want to be trapped here for more than a few months. I like change and adventure. And I don't want to be one of those people that says they want adventure, and then never goes after it. I want to move around, see the world, and not worry about how much it costs. I want to spend money on experiences rather than things and I'm willing to do it however I can.
Photo: Sebastien A.
On our way to the North (Iceland)

Loneliness is a bitch. This is probably the number one thought on my mind lately. I won't bore you, but I've just not had good luck lately with anyone and all my friends are in relationships. To put it short, I feel like I'm everyone's number 2 person, like their backup person. It sucks and I'm not sure how to shake it some days. I just want to be someone's number one because I get tired of putting all the work into these friendships and relationships.
On top of the world

I need to take better care of my body. I know I said going out is fun and all, but every Saturday I've gone out to clubs and bars with friends and it's awesome, but I'm not taking care of myself at all. I at least need a healthy balance. Go to the gym everyday, party on Saturdays. You know? I currently am not eating healthy, don't go to a gym, and my routine isn't really existent. I do have me-nights with baths and face masks, but I need something that I can do daily that's good for me. I'm going to start soon, I just wish I started sooner.
Photo: Erica Yeater

What actually makes me happy? Why do I not feel complete happiness most days? Why am I not making the necessary changes to reach that happiness? What can I do?