Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Life in Cambridge, MA

I thought I'd give you all a little update on what I'm up to around here! I talk about how much I love it all the time, but I never really give any details further than that. Here are some recent pictures I've taken! They are just from Instagram, but I do hope to take my camera out soon enough to take some actual pictures. Until then...

{Coffee at the Crema Cafe}

{It's a 10 minute walk for me to get to a 4 floor Anthropologie... 4 floors!}

{More coffee at Cafe Algiers... a really cool place, but kind of a disappointing experience. Don't recommend!}

{Simon's Cafe on Mass Ave - getting organized before the first week of classes!}

{Scored some really great books at The Harvard Book Store the other day}

Everything is going well! Have you been to Cambridge/around the area? I'd love to hear your thoughts or even places you been that you loved!


Ileana said...

It looks so beautiful! Now I really wanna visit :)
4 floors of anthropologie sounds exhausting yet gorgeous!


Katie said...

Lleana - It's great! 4 floors is a lot to look at, but it's fun because there's always something new to look at when I go back! :)

Shannon Boyce said...

These pictures are amazing! There is nothing more beautiful than a stack of books, in my opinion.

Katie said...

Shannon, I completely agree! I live near so many book stores now, it's so great.