Thursday, June 09, 2016


I've been missing school so much. Well, Boston mostly. I miss so much! Being able to walk anywhere, all the people, the fun things to do, even my job! I can't wait to be back... in 3 months. Right now I'm not really loving my job and getting gas every other day isn't a good time (I never fill it up haha! I realize every other day sounds like a lot). I was talking with friends last night and we were all saying how our homes are where school is. I'm in Boston, my friend Emmy's in South Carolina, and my friend Alexandra's in Philly. We always manage to come back together though!

This is a picture I took on a gorgeous day. I was sitting on the steps of the library on a busy street, shoes off, reading a book and drinking coffee. Bliss! You definitely can't do that here in my hometown.

Oh, Boston.