Saturday, June 04, 2016

Quotes of Note

You guys! Today my neighborhood had a garden party and it was so fun. We went around to some back yards and looked at their pretty gardens. There was food, pedicabs, and art! There were a few pop up shops set up in the square and there was one with the prettiest and simplest paintings. I searched through them all and one stood out to me.

Office fans will understand ;)

She wrapped it up when I bought it in the prettiest wrapping!

We talked a little more and her Etsy shop is called Quotes of Note. I'll definitely be getting more from her! I love all of her pieces! Here are a few more:

Aren't they just great?! Make sure you check out more on Julia's Etsy shop Quotes of Note!

It was so great meeting her and I'm so happy our little neighborhood had her some set up a stand of her beautiful pieces!

This post isn't sponsored and I have no discount codes for you - just wanted to share a great artist with you :)