Saturday, October 22, 2016

Good day

This is so random, but I feel like I haven't really written a personal post lately. The other day, I just had the best day! It was just one of those days where nothing goes wrong. You smile the whole day, and when it's over you just think "wow, today was good." They're rare, so when I do have one, it really makes me happy!

Some highlights of that day:
-I woke up around 6 am to get to my internship and I got to attend a staff meeting with the nurses, doctors, and social workers which was AWESOME.

-I met with my supervisor and talked with her about ideas and concerns and it felt so good to finally get together with her to discuss.

-The rest of the time at my internship site was awesome as well-it's really unpredictable how the day will go there, so the fact that it was a good day was really nice.

-I stopped into Anthropologie, as it's only a 5 minute walk from my room, just to see what was new, and in the sale section they had a mug I've had my eye on for so long! On top of that, they had 25% off of sale items. It was a dream come true!

-I went home and relaxed for a bit, actually falling asleep and taking about the 30 minute nap, woohoo!

-I left again and went down the road to a chocolate shop I've never been to-it was SO cute and reminded me of MarieBelle in NYC. I got an insanely good hot chocolate and read The Girl on the Train for about an hour and a half.

-While I was there, my mom sent me a picture of my passport-it arrived!! I've been SO anxious about it not getting here in time, so the fact that it's early nearly made me jump for joy with my hot chocolate.

-Later, I ate dinner, cleaned up my room, got some homework done, watched Edward Scissorhands, and wrote some letters to friends. Productive night, I'd say.

That's about it! Little things throughout the day made it better, as well.

Do you have days like this? Aren't they fabulous? I feel good just writing it all out on here.

Have a happy day!