Monday, October 24, 2016

Link Love - clothing edition

Photo from here.

These sunglasses are my current favorite. I own them and love them!

These PJ pants. Omg, I kid you not, best pajama pants I've ever owned. So comfy!

I tried this jacket on the other and wish SO badly that I could afford it.

I just started wearing turtlenecks last year and love them so much. This one looks crazy comfy!

I've been really obsessed with the green clothing color lately. I love this simple dress.

I bought this headband the other day and lovelovelove it. I love that it actually stays on my head!

Speaking of headbands, how pretty is this one?! But if I ever spend $525 on a headband...

Does anyone have these shoes? Are they worth it? I'm looking for a good walking shoe that isn't a sneaker.

I'm oddly really into these boots - I'd just really want to wear socks and that might look funny... maybe not though?

What have you had your eye on lately?