Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Link Love: Hello Giggles Edition

I notice that when I do link posts, I link to a lot of Hello Giggles articles. So I thought this time I would just dedicate the whole post to Hello Giggles!

Selfie Shaming.

H&M Balmain - I wish I could have snagged something!

Anxiety of making Friends. It takes me so long to open up to people and friendships are tough because I'm never sure whether we have a ton in common. Are you the same?

I always pictured an office to be like The Office! Crazy that in reality, it's not that entertaining.

A letter from this 30 something self to her 20 something self.

Meet the winner of the National Dog Show!

This restaurant gave free meals to people eating alone on Thanksgiving.

Gilmore Girls relationship goals. (#JusticeForLane)

Have a great Wednesday! This week is going pretty fast, I'd say.