Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Link Love

Can you guys and gals find the panda among all of the snowmen? ^ I'm happy an artist was trending on Facebook yesterday! Check out Gergely Dudas' work here!

I love Adele!

This iPhone 6 case is so cute! I like how it's see-through so you can see the gold color of the phone.

I love this Instagram! This guy lives in Iceland - the pictures are so amazing. How awesome would it be to see these views everyday?!

Can you believe these are a real thing?

How cute are these guys?! This is awesome, what they're doing. I agree - we all need an experience to test what we can do.

This is my new favorite Twitter account! So funny!

Lately my new favorite thing to do is look up really expensive homes on Zillow (I can't explain why?) and look at this one! WOW.

This tweet is awesome! I really needed that to end off my year.

I'm so happy to be back in PA! I feel like my fresh start is already beginning. This next month will go so quickly, but I'm going to start taking in each day rather than looking forward to the next!

Cheers to you! 2 more days until Santa comes down our chimneys!