Thursday, March 31, 2016

Fingers crossed

Today  I had another internship interview and it was for one that I'm really interested in! So, naturally, I was super nervous. Why does that always happen?! Anyway, the whole thing went pretty well, but I so badly wish that I could do it over again. I have so many better answers to her questions! Ugh, I'll just have to cross my fingers I guess. It's at a recovery high school right in the center of Boston and it would be such a cool experience!

Flower shop. Kodak Gold II expired since 1994.

This morning after the interview, I went to a cafe to do homework and then did some touristy things with my friend and her relatives. It was a good time! It's fun being a tourist in my own city. I feel so cool just walking around, not necessarily needing to see everything, but just watching the reactions of new people. You know?

I love this photo by wildheather! She took it using expired film - genius!

I hope you had an awesome Thursday! It was so warm here today. It was crazy windy, but it was still an awesome day!