Saturday, March 12, 2016

Link love

Sorry for the super random photo for this post. This picture makes me really happy, though!

I've been loving the blog Something I've Noticed - Melissa is such a good writer. Her blog has such a home-y feel and I love reading what she has to say all the time. Check it out!

This Flickr account is so great! I caught myself scrolling through her photo stream for a while.

This bedroom is so pretty!

This video makes me want to be Kendall Jenner so badly Ugh, she's perfect.

This is my absolute favorite lip color at the moment! I'm usually a fan of getting beauty products from here, but I just can't find another lip color that compares.

Bad day? Read a few of these quotes. You might not feel completely better, but you'll definitely feel some sort of boost!

I've had this song on repeat lately.

I'm so in love with this city I call home - Boston.

My favorite ice cream! I like anything matcha, really.

Have a great day!