Friday, March 25, 2016

Lip color

You know what I've been obsessed with lately? Lipstick! Here's the story: I was never really a lipstick person because I have a super red face naturally, so I always felt that red and pink lipstick just made it stand out more. However, a few weeks ago a friend and I went into Lush and I tried their lip color called Confident (pictured below) and I LOVED it. I was complimented so much and I felt so confident! (Wait... I just noticed that it's called confident and that's also how I felt while wearing it... Lush, you're so sly.)

I also found this one in Anthropologie called Black Cherry and it was $14, so not totally what I'd like to spend, but I was really feeling it when I put it on! It didn't really compare with the Lush one, but it still made me feel super confident!

Being broke, I didn't want to spend almost $20 on a lip color, so I thought I would wait until I got back to PA and then I'd just go  to Target because I was pretty confident I would find a similar color for less than $10. It was actually really hard! I found 2 that I really love, even though they don't really compare. I've been wearing them almost everyday!

The first one is by Revlon and it's also called Black Cherry. I'm actually wearing this one right now. It's a little more red than I wanted, but I love how dark it is. That is essentially what I was looking for: a dark color.

I went back to Target the next day because I still wanted a color that was more plum than red, and I searched and searched and I finally found one. It was honestly the only dark plum color I could find in all of the make up isles! Maybe next time I should just go to Ulta and splurge a little more..? The one that I found is by Maybelline and it's called Possessed Plum. It's dark and beautiful! It's supposed to be matte, but I don't really see that when I put it on.

Anyway, I really wanted to share these colors because I'm so happy I finally found a lip color that I feel good in! Who knew it would be dark?

Do you love lipsticks? What are your favorites?