Thursday, January 05, 2017


I guess we all come up with some resolutions for our new year. I mean, it's kind of like coming up with a to-do list that lasts 364 days right? In years past, my resolution was to travel more and I'm happy to say that I've succeeded and continue to succeed in that. This year, since I'm doing so many things I never thought I would, I think my list will be more basic. Things that I should always do, but I want to hold myself accountable for. You know? So here they are:

Drink more water
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This past year I think I've done really well with this. I want to almost cut out all other drinks and only drink water. This year might not be the right year to say this because I'm turing 21 and also will be living in wine country for 4 months... but I'll just put it on here anyway. Lately I've been drinking water with lemon and sometimes cucumber - really good! It'll be even tastier in the Summer, probably.

Be healthier in general
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I just want to make better choices about what I eat, spend more time walking or doing other workouts, and do more forms of self care each week. I want to take care of me.

Experience new things
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This Summer, once I'm back from Italy, I want to go on so many adventures. Not necessarily travel more, but just see more. Once the Summer hits I won't really have any reason to save my money any more (except just to have money LOL) so I want to do whatever I can to see as much as I can. This picture is of Savannah, GA and I have some friends that live around the area, so I'm hoping to take road trip down there and get to see Atlanta, GA, Chattanooga, TN, Jacksonville, FL, Columbia, SC, since I have people I can stay with in all those places. The only tough part is, I don't really want to do it alone...

Be more myself
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I think the fact that I don't act like myself around people is holding me back from a lot of things. I could have been a totally comfortable and fun person during my college career if only I acted like myself. This year I want to completely just forget about what people think of me and act like who I am. Once I do, people love it. It's just getting to that comfort level that's tough, but I know I'll be 100% happier if I can do that.

Create more
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Art is me. It's what I love and it's what I live on. I want to put more time aside to create. I'm constantly going to art museums and getting inspired, and I want to take it all and do something with it. If you're interested, check out this piece by Finn Harries about why creating art in 2017 matters more than ever - it's really great!

What are your resolutions?


Shannon Boyce said...

These are all amazing resolutions! Definitely achievable :)