Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Sarah Baska

So, I've had a lot of free time lately. I'm also not trying to spend any money and all my friends are away or hanging out with their boyfriends and girlfriends so this break's been pretty lame! Yesterday I went to my nanas and played cards and today I sat with my dog and watched YouTube videos. Have you heard of Sarah Baska? Oh my gosh, she's so funny. I watched her videos back to back for a long time. Here's one of my favorites:

I feel like we have a sense of humor that's pretty similar. People ask me if I'm high a lot because of how I act and I'm like nope!

Anyway, if you're looking for a laugh, here you go.
Check out more on her channel!


Shannon Boyce said...

I love watching YouTube videos. I swear, so much of my time goes to that! I'll have to check her out :)

Katie said...

I know right! Some days I could sit and watch them back to back for hours.