Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Here are a couple Instagrams (and just some pictures) as of late! You can also check out my Instagram feed to the right of this post -->
{The weather's been so nice lately!} {New flowers planted on campus} {I got a fish! His name's James Franco} {For Easter I went to my friend's house in CT and we ordered pizza and watch HSM}
{Pretty sunset at BWI} {Exploring with my dog, Charlie} {I love art studios} {Olive Tree Café in NYC -- chalk tables and the best apple pie EVER}
{The Met} {Dreaming of living in a pretty Manhattan apt. one day} {Only 3 weeks left in my cozy dorm!} {Driving around with sleepy Charlie. I miss my car and my puppy!}
Hope you're having a happy day :)