Tuesday, April 07, 2015


I'm almost positive that I've written about this before, but it's something I like to talk about! This weekend I went to my friend's house here in Massachusetts, for Easter, and I was kind of out of my comfort zone. It was weird not being around my family and weird being with a family that I've pretty much never met before. So my question is, do you have things in your life that kind of "bring you back to center"? Like, things that you come back to that comfort you and define you? Here are a few of those things for me:
I Love Lucy
I have and always will love this show. It's on Hulu, so I can watch it whenever I feel the need. It's just a show that my entire family loves and it makes me feel so good.
My Journal
I've said this way too many times already, but I really love this journal. Anytime I have something on my mind, I go to it and write away. It's my thoughts, comforting quotes, or even just  couple words that I need to let out. I try to take it everywhere I go.
Mumford & Sons Playlist on Pandora
Not necessarily Mumford & Sons themselves, but just anything that comes up on the playlist is good. Not many of my friends here at school like this kind of music, so when I'm alone I like to just listen to and do some art or clean my room or something.

Talking to my Parents
Obviously. I squabble with them a lot, but just talking to them or just texting with my mom about interior design or something. They are the people that know me and my likes the best, so when I talk to them, I just feel completely myself.
p.s. I lied! I got my keyboard fixed today, so I'm ready to type and back in action!