Thursday, April 16, 2015

Missing the person you used to be

Ok, so this post is kind of deep... but I really like talking about it. I was writing about this in my journal the other day and thought others could relate.
Do you ever kind of miss the person you used to be? I like moving on and growing up and all that jazz, but sometimes just looking through past archives, finding pictures from 2011, or reading old blogs I used to read all the time just makes me miss that feeling and that person I once was. When I go through and do all that, it just makes me really want to revert back to that photographing/bicycle riding/vintage loving girl that I once was.
Is that weird?? Do you ever do that? It doesn't bring me down or anything, but it just makes me think about how weird change is. People change so much and there's no stopping it! It's a good thing how people are growing into something moving forward with their lives, but it also makes me a little sad knowing that the people and things that I once admired so much aren't the same any more.
Anyway... hope you all are good. As a bit of nostalgia to go along with this post, here are a few throwback links to a few of my favorite blog posts from other bloggers back in the day (some of these bloggers don't blog anymore, but it should be fine!):
Annie from The Other Side of Gray -- In other words, the queen of pattern mixing and big, chunky scarves! I used to come home from school everyday and immediately check her blog. I really loved how I dressed in high school and she really gave me a majority of my inspiration!
Emily from The Daily Fashionista (now Finding Beauty) -- Hmm weird how most of these are fashion blogs... but I guess that says a lot about what I like/liked! Emily is AWESOME! Her style is fantastic AND she thrifted! She's actually the person who turned me on to thrifting and most of the things that I've purchased that thrift stores were inspired by her! I would check her blog usually more than once a day just incase she posted something else, I didn't want to miss it ;) I hope she's doing really well!
Eeny from Eeny's Universe -- I actually discovered this one a little late in the game! I wish I would have found her sooner because her blog is awesome. She would do this thing called the Pizza Adventures where she would make a new pizza from scratch once a week and post it on the blog. I have yet to try to make any, but the Aloha Pizza definitely has my mouth watering!
Amanda from Here Comes the Sun -- She posted a good mix of everything from photography to outfit posts to her personal interests, and it was great! I followed along with her for a very long time! She's from New Zealand and her posts were always put together so well and just plain put a smile on my face. I miss her blog, but I follow her on Instagram!

And there are definitely WAY more, but I don't want to have you reading all day ;) Give me your thoughts on this!