Friday, April 03, 2015

5 Happy Things

1. Fresh, clean sheets
Right?! I really hate making my bed, but I do love fresh sheets. Something about them just makes me sleep better at night. I washed my sheets today and I also threw in my comforter, so it's going to be a double good night.

2. Journals
I have a new found love for journals. I started a journal in August and I'm almost done filling it out! I just love having a place to write down thoughts and quotes. On a day when nothing is going right for me, I turn to my journal and feel better. And there's no better feeling than finishing a journal!

3. Survivor
I love this show! Not just because it's a great show, though. I love it because it's the show that my dad and I would watch together every week. Now since I'm at college, we'll text each other while we watch it. It's a great time to wind down and talk to my dad!

4. Sleeping
I'm calmer than most people at my school, and while I'm a night owl, I also love going to bed early most nights. Curling up in my bed and scrolling through Tumblr or watching The Office is pretty much my happy place.

my bedroom :) 

5. 1 more month of school!
I mean, duh. Who wouldn't be happy about that?! I can't wait for the warm weather and the free mind with nothing to think about. So soon!

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